10 things that have changed in the Big Brother house over the years


It’s hard to understand that Big Brother has been on the air since 2000. The reality TV competition series has brought changes over the years, most notably in the sequestration of the jury to ensure a fair game for those who remain. But there have also been other changes over the years.

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Some changes have been subtle, others more visible, and with Big Brother fans are always excited to watch every new season it airs, it looks like all of the changes have been for the better.

ten No competition was broadcast

Have Not competitions took up more space each season, with fans watching players compete against each other to avoid becoming Have Not. The poor have to sleep in the most uncomfortable rooms, take only cold showers, and can only eat Big Brother porridge, which is actually oatmeal.

While players are still considered destitute and face punishments for the specified length of time, who becomes destitute is only mentioned in passing, unless it is part of a larger challenge. In the past, there were televised Nave Not competitions in addition to Head of Household and Veto Power.

9 More diversity

As evidenced by Season 23, which crowned the first Black winner of Big Brother (apart from Tamar Braxton from Celebrity Big Brother), the series is committed to more diversity in its casting. The Big Brother 23 Cookout Alliance was one of the strongest and most entertaining alliances on Big Brother.

It was formed when all of the black contestants decided to play together and created a sure-fire strategy to protect each other. Season 23 also featured other players from various ethnicities.


8 No more twists

Big BrotherThe mantra of “has always been” expect the unexpected. “Indeed, over the seasons, new twists have been added. From America’s Player to Pandora’s Box, some twists have only appeared. once or twice while others come back several times.

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Some of these twists can turn the game upside down, such as with Jeff’s coup power rendering Chima’s HoH reign unnecessary, allowing him to change nominees on the fly, or Claire being able to flip a coin to determine if she would. being able to secretly replace Tiffany’s candidates.

7 The expelled players return

In the first few seasons, once someone was kicked out, they were gone (with the exception of Kaysar who was brought back thanks to fan votes in one round). Big Brother game, which made others nervous knowing that someone they were dating might come back.

The Battle Back competition was one of those competitions that appeared several times. More recently, there was Camp Comeback. In another twist, James Zincand returned, coming out of a cardboard box the same day he was kicked out.

6 More predictable

As with any reality show, the more seasons there are, the more predictable the direction can become. This has been the case with Big Brother, since most players now copy the strategies of players who came before them, trying to emulate the games of their Big Brother hero.

The show has become predictable in many ways, from the cliques that form around the house to how the votes will play out, who will win competitions and to the teasing of big moves when the most predictable almost always happens.

5 Alliances are formed faster

Big Brother's Quack Pack alliance, all making duck heads in a circle.

Alliances formed organically throughout the show, more slowly as people started to get to know each other better and decide who they wanted to work with. Now people gauge each other as soon as they enter the house and try to form alliances as quickly as possible.

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No player wants to be left out, of course. But the scrambling, whispering, and obvious connections between like-minded people have replaced the unlikely friendships and bonds that had time to form in previous seasons.

4 Live streams

With the existence of live streams, the growing number of people subscribing, and the ease with which information can be and is shared online by superfans, have changed the dynamics of the game. been able to see what was in TV episodes before, even though guests are filmed 24/7, live streams open the door to a change in guest perception.

Fans have spoken out about bad behavior, ignorance, disturbing words and other events and personality traits after watching, which in some ways changed the course of the game and even caused the production to step in. or to adjust what is shown in the episodes. One of the most notable cases was when Aaryn Gries made racist remarks and they aired in the TV episode after fans spoke out about the importance of showing this side of her to viewers. Aaryn was grilled by host Julie Chen during her exit interview after she was kicked out, marking one of the biggest controversies on Big Brother.

3 Chat on social media

Unsurprisingly, as the series gains in popularity and technology advances from the first season, there is more discussion on social media surrounding the episodes. This was also fueled by the addition of the live streams.

There are unofficial Twitter accounts and blogs dedicated to spoilers on every season, as well as accounts that even provide play-by-play updates of everything going on around the house, 24/7. out of 7, so those who don’t subscribe or prefer Text Updates can also follow.

2 Copiers

More and more often people enter the game trying to emulate the style and strategy of one of the smartest. Big Brother players, like Dan Gheesling and Derrick Levasseur. Or, they note the mistakes of past players, like Paul Abrahamian’s lack of social play, and focus on avoiding reproducing them.

Players have the opportunity to learn more each season with a new type of player, a new twist or a new strategy. And they use that information to shape the type of game they come into the house to want to play (although it usually doesn’t work as expected).

1 Act more responsibly

While there is still a lot of immature behavior around the house, recent seasons have shown players who are much more mature for their age and take on responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, and keeping the house generally tidy.

Of course, most rooms are still a mess because it’s hard to clean up after several people in a house with so many rooms, so many things, and no one ever leaves. Nonetheless, players like Azah Awasum and Kevin Schlehuber have gone to great lengths to cook, clean, and teach others to do it as well.

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