A couple bought an abandoned house at auction and received a bad surprise

A couple bought a home at auction in Los Angeles, California to have it completely remodeled. They bought the property without even seeing it in person, but when they walked in they took a bad surprise.

Inside the house were a large number of different objects, dead animals and two safes. One was locked and the other was forced open. They had to hire someone to open the box which was intact and the things the couple said could not be shown and They should have been handed over directly to the police.

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Tiffany, a 28-year-old woman who bought the house, said someone had recently broken in to retrieve something specific, although she didn’t know what. The whole story was posted in a Tiktok video, which went viral 1.7 million views, 191,000 likes and 1,300 comments.

Of course, the interesting story of the abandoned house piqued the curiosity of TikTok users, who began to speculate about what happened there and who owned the property. Some even believed that the owner was a murderer. In fact, we learned that the owner had died without leaving a will.

The house belonged to a man who died without leaving a will. (Picture: TikTok)

Tiffany and her boyfriend Matt must have spent hours sorting through and clearing all the items in the room. The woman explained that as soon as she first saw the house, she was extremely sorry that she had bought it. He also said that when he went inside he could smell a terrible smell of urine and accumulated dust. It was almost impossible for him to walk because of the huge amount of things lying on the ground. They also found dead animals.

After taking the trash out of the house, there was a safe that was not opened and looted. At first they didn’t really care what was inside, until a man called and informed them that the property had been stolen a few days before the keys were handed over. Fearing it could happen again, he hired an expert to open the safe.

Everyone was surprised by what was found in the safe.

What they found surprised them: jewelry, photographs of strippers, swords and daggers, old photo albums, rare coins and even strands of human hair. Tiffany had this to say, “After hours of watching the contractor grab the safe for hours, we finally opened it and, my god, What we found was crazy. ,

“There was an engagement ring, a bunch of photos that could definitely have been used for blackmail, lots of rare notes and old coins and we also found a dagger. But to be honest, the craziest thing we found, I’m not even allowed to tell you, Because the police had to be involved. ,

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