A small unnamed off-grid house is reminiscent of smaller, simpler times


Many North American Tiny Houses are huge, luxurious models that offer many of the comforts of a traditional home. However, this unnamed little off-grid cottage from We Shelter People of New Mexico harks back to the roots of the cottage movement by keeping things small and simple – and relatively affordable, too.

The cottage is based on a 20ft (6m) long twin axle trailer. It’s topped with a gable roof which gives it a slightly traditional look, even with its black painted steel finish. Generous glazing ensures that the interior is filled with daylight.

Access to the tiny house is through a large sliding glass door that really opens it to the outside and its interior measures 209 square feet (19.4 m²), much of which is taken up by a relatively large living room. . The decor is pleasant, clean and simple – indeed, not much is happening there at the moment as the house is unfurnished, although it does include a Dickinson propane heater (a popular marine heater in the small house scene) which should be enough to keep the small space warm in winter. There is also storage space.

The kitchen is nearby. It’s quite small and simple, and contains a two-burner propane stove, fridge / freezer, sink, plus cabinets and extra storage space. The kitchen connects, via a sliding door, to a comfortable bathroom with a shower, sink and Nature’s Head composting toilet.

The little house is heated with a Dickson propane heater

We shelter people

There is only one bedroom in the tiny house, which is a typical loft-style sleeping space with a low ceiling. It is accessed by a staircase integrated into the storage.

The little house is set up ready for life on the road and parked safely in an RV park. It gets electricity and water either from a standard RV-type hookup or from the installed solar system, which consists of two 12-volt batteries and four 310-watt solar panels. It also has a 40 gallon (151 liter) water tank.

The little house is for sale for US $ 49,999. In honor of the company, it details all the materials used and their cost on its construction notes, which are worth reading.

Source: We shelter people

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