A unique Igloo restaurant in Japan allows social distancing with a twist (photos inside)

The pandemic has impacted the way we function in our lives. From the way we work to the way we relax, everything has changed in the past two years. Restaurants and eateries are taking maximum precautions to ensure their customers have a worry-free meal. One restaurant in Japan, however, managed to create a unique experience in order to maintain social distancing. A restaurant village in Japan’s Nagano prefecture offers private igloo-like domes for diners. This idyllic concept facilitates the concept of social distancing in the post-pandemic era with an interesting and fun twist.

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Every year during the winter season, Iiyama in Japan sees the construction of 20 strange Igloo huts. These huts serve as private dining rooms for visitors who come here to enjoy winter sports via a two-hour train ride from Tokyo. The special item on the menu is Noroshi Nabe, a local recipe dating back hundreds of years. It is basically a miso and vegetable fondue, in which mushrooms and pork are dipped.

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The Igloo restaurant is priced at USD 32 or around Rs. 2,400 per person for lunch, while dinner costs around Rs. 2,730. Interestingly, this restaurant only appears during the winter season in the month of February , and is then replaced by rice paddies. For health and safety reasons, each Igloo can only accommodate a maximum of four people.

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