Aldi launches special summer dog range including outdoor bed with shade

Dog owners plan to visit Aldi’s famous middle aisle to get your hands on some of the supermarket’s new Specialbuys designed for doggies.

Aldi has shared three adorable new items customers can find on shelves this Thursday, all designed to help your four-legged friend enjoy the summer in style. The most popular addition is the Sunshade dog bed – a dog bed designed for the outdoors, raised off the ground with a waterproof canopy roof to give pooches a place to stay cool when their owners are sunning themselves in the sun. garden.

The supermarket posted a photo of an adorable ginger pup using the bed on its Instagram page, alongside the caption: “Taking your beloved dog on vacation? Whether you’re lounging by the seaside or camping in the countryside, our Sunshade dog bed is a must-have for keeping your pooch cool as a cucumber. Grab yours online now, in stores Thursday.

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Dog parents flocked to the comments section to tag their friends and family and encourage each other to take the bed, priced at £19.99, for their pooch. “My dog ​​would love this,” one person said.

Another added: ‘Harry would love it when he gets too hot in the sun’, while a third said they plan to buy their pup a bed for a day at the beach. A fourth swore he would get his hands on the nifty dog ​​furniture as a gift for his dog’s upcoming birthday.

The bed isn’t the only special Aldi buy that dog owners should keep their eyes peeled for. Aldi has shared a second product on its Specialbuys Instagram account that will help dogs stay even cooler this summer.

Their refrigerated pet cooling mat comes in different sizes to fit your pooch, the supermarket announced alongside a snap of a handsome spaniel enjoying the cooling mat. “Take care of your furry friends during the summer months,” the caption read.

“Our Pet Cooling Mat creates the perfect place to relax when temperatures rise. Shop online now, in store Thursday, and choose a size that’s right for your pet! The medium-sized mat is priced at £5.99.

And for summer vacation outings, Aldi has even released a dog car seat to help your pooch travel safely in style. Aldi said: ‘Nobody likes a back seat driver… but when they’re THAT cute they could direct us to Land’s End and we wouldn’t flinch!

“To make sure your four-legged friend is even safer on the road, pick up our dog car seat online now, in stores Thursday.” Priced at £11.99, the dog car seat is available in black or a polka dot pattern.

The dog-friendly Specialbuys are part of Aldi’s Pet Event, in stores Thursday, May 12. You can shop the entire selection online now here .

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