Awesome Valentine’s Day Date Idea Buffalo Igloo

What’s a cool and unique Buffalo Valentine’s Day date idea? Where can you take your wife for Valentine’s Day? Here is an opportunity for you to do something different that no one else is doing. Plus, it could really be romantic if you do it right.

Introducing: Oyoyo’s Perfect Picnics

Oyoyo’s Picture Perfect Picnics phone number: (716) 553-9908

Do you know how during the COVID pandemic many bars and restaurants started getting these igloos that you can go and eat inside? You’ve really seen them pop up all over Western New York, but the Oyoyo experience is something similar, but even better.

Oyoyo’s Picture Perfect Picnics will set up an igloo, or “dome,” as they call it, because you’re your Valentine’s date. Don’t be put off by a picnic – it can be outside in the snow with some ground and warmth, of course it can be set up in your living room, in your garden – anywhere! When Oyoy’s sets up your Valentine’s date, it can be personalized EXACTLY the way you want it. Do you want all the fluffy pillows? Do you want a big screen TV to watch a movie? Air mattress? Maybe you want food. They will cover you.

How much does it cost to rent Picture Perfect Picnics from Oyoyo? Rates start at $450 for the period. You can check them out on their Facebook page and that’s also where you can book your date for Valentine’s Day!

We are the world’s first covered picnic facility. We also offer outdoor picnics. We offer picnics for any special occasion, we have our featured Dome Picnic for any weather. We are located in the Theater District,” according to their Facebook page.

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