Ayrshire’s new ‘unconventional’ dog walking park gets planners’ approval

The project for an “unconventional” dog-walking park outside Mauchline has been authorized.

The proposals will see a field at Mosshead Holdings developed to create the facility, including parking for four vehicles, a timber shed and a gate.

The walking path should be built around the inside perimeter of the land, with a 6 foot wooden and wire fence erected around it with some native trees.

The park should be located at the end of a ‘dead end’. A vehicle parking area is proposed immediately to the west. The shelter will be 4m x 2.4m and 2.4m high with a ‘shed’ roof and overhanging shelter.

A planning report from East Ayrshire Council states: “A supporting statement has been submitted which explains that bookings are for 25 or 55 minutes with a five minute gap at the end of each booking to ensure owners and the dogs do not meet.”

He adds that the claimant said fresh water and agility equipment would be provided for the dogs, while there would be seating, amenities and a guestbook in the shelter.

Users will book online, with the operation of the park completely self-service.

The claimants said it was a ‘living and playing area where dog owners can safely allow their dogs to exercise, play and be trained off leash’ .

The planning report says the site is “somewhat unconventional in the countryside and would primarily appeal to vehicle dependent users”.

Approval was given on request, under delegated authority, with conditions that will limit the number of dogs walked to five at any one time, with limited opening hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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