Ballard uncorks a new ship in a mural behind Mox Boarding House

A new mural has been put up by the Ballard Alliance in partnership with Mox Boarding House as part of the Ballard Alliance Public Art program which aims to beautify the area’s commercial corridor.

“For more than ten years, Mox Seattle has been a proud member of the Ballard community,” said Jorel Miller, director of Mox Boarding House. “We are honored to be part of this project and excited about this mural as it will welcome people to the Ballard neighborhood for years to come.”

The mural was created by Jen Vickers, a mechanical engineer turned graphic designer, and serves as an urban design element to make the area more walkable and friendly.

“The ship-in-a-bottle concept marries Ballard’s maritime industry with the neighborhood’s food and beverage culture. It symbolizes the complex origin of this working-class district… The most important part of the fresco is the land recognition. Although the mural serves as a whimsical capsule of Ballard, it is important to note that European settlers were not the original inhabitants and that the people and land of the Coast Salish are honored as part of this artwork” , Vickers said.

The mural will beautify the space between the historic core of Ballard and the Leary Avenue commercial corridor and help breathe new life into the neighborhood.

“The Ballard Alliance is delighted to produce a large mural that welcomes Ballardites and visitors to the neighborhood. This mural is the most recent of many public art projects the Alliance has completed, and we believe it greatly enhances our cityscape,” said Devin Reynolds, Senior Director of Economic Development and Public Realm for the Alliance.

As part of ten more murals completed and seven colorful utility box wrappers designed by local artists, the Ballard Alliance will continue to fund public art projects in Seattle’s North End.

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