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Which igloo dog house is the best?

True to its name, the Igloo Dog House takes the best structural elements of the igloo and models it for your favorite four-legged friend. Igloo dog houses are designed to stay outdoors and withstand the elements. The domed roof helps keep your pup warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Petmate Indigo Igloo Style Dog House is one of the most popular dog igloos, and for good reason.

What to know before buying an igloo dog house


The domed shape of an igloo is ideal for dogs that are comforted by compact spaces. The shape also uses your dog’s body heat to warm the interior. The rounded top prevents snow, sticks and other debris from accumulating on the roof, adding unnecessary weight that could damage the house.


Most igloo dog houses are constructed from a tough structural foam that is durable and weather resistant, providing excellent insulation and keeping high winds out. A wooden dog house must be specially treated to be resistant to mold and bacteria, but structural foam is already resistant to these factors.

If you’re looking for something lightweight and more appropriate for indoor use, there are cotton, polyester, or microfiber igloo dog beds with the classic igloo design for a machine-washable padded retreat for your pup.


You need to choose the best size igloo for your dog to maximize his warmth. The igloo draws on your dog’s body heat to keep him warm, so it shouldn’t be too big. There should be enough room for your dog to come in and curl up comfortably, but not too roomy. A dog igloo usually comes in small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes and can accommodate dogs from 25 to 125 pounds.

Plush indoor igloo nest boxes and beds are usually designed to accommodate small dogs only. An igloo bed is best suited for pets between 3 and 15 pounds. It’s a great choice if you have a cat and a small dog who like to lay each other down.

What to Look for in a Quality Igloo Dog House

Reinforced base

The base of the igloo serves as the main support center, so you want one that is durable. For an outdoor igloo, this means a raised base that keeps the igloo a few inches off the ground to prevent flooding. It also helps keep the house warm. For indoor igloo beds, the bottom should have non-slip grips to prevent slipping and plenty of padding inside to keep your pet comfortable.

Interior bedding

A well-made igloo either has padding for added comfort and insulation, or has space for a separate bed for your pet. Outdoor igloos generally do not have a separate exterior cushion, but you can buy one separately. Indoor igloos usually come with built-in bedding or an accompanying cushion.

Offset entry

A staggered entrance is not necessary for an indoor igloo, but it is an important feature for an outdoor igloo. That extra piece of liner near the entrance helps keep wind and rain out of the doghouse, keeping your pup warm and dry in the winter. It also helps keep the house shaded in the summer.

How much you can expect to spend on an igloo dog house

An igloo doghouse for outdoor use costs between $100 and $200, while an igloo dog bed for indoor use costs between $20 and $30.

Igloo Dog House FAQs

Can a dog live all year round in the igloo?

A. While most outdoor igloos are designed for year-round weather conditions, a dog is not. You should not leave your dog outside in extreme weather conditions or at temperatures that could be dangerous to the animal’s safety.

Does an outdoor igloo have to be on a concrete block?

A. If you want to add extra insulation to your dog’s igloo, elevate him on a concrete block or bed. This prevents the cold from seeping into the igloo from the ground. If you don’t have room for concrete, consider adding litter or straw inside for better insulation.

What is the best igloo dog house to buy?

Top igloo dog house

Petmate Indigo Igloo Style Dog House

Petmate Indigo Igloo Style Dog House

What do you want to know: This all-weather igloo is made from structural foam and comes in three sizes that can accommodate dogs ranging from 25 to 125 pounds.

What you will love: It’s comfortable and durable. Raised base and offset door keeps wind and rain out. The shape naturally sheds snow and the roof has vents for air circulation.

What you should consider: Some buyers added extra insulation because it wasn’t as hot as they had hoped.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon, PetSmart and Wayfair

Best Igloo Dog House for the Money

Bedsure Pet Cave with Removable Cushion

Bedsure Pet Cave with Removable Cushion

What do you want to know: This indoor foam and microfiber igloo is available in five colors and two sizes for small pets between 3 and 15 pounds.

What you will love: It comes with a removable cushion for extra comfort, and you can change its location to convert the igloo into a regular dog bed. It has a leather strap for easy movement and non-slip handles on the bottom. The cushion is machine washable.

What you should consider: The foam frame cannot go in the washing machine or dryer.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Petmate Husky Dog House

Petmate Husky Dog House

What do you want to know: This all-weather igloo is made from structural foam. It stands 26 inches tall and has a weight capacity of 90 pounds.

What you will love: The ground is raised to prevent flooding and the door is offset to protect against rain and wind. The shape easily sheds snow. It is waterproof and there is a vent on the back for air circulation.

What you should consider: It’s not as durable as it could be, and it only comes in one size.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Home deposit

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