Big Dog Art Trail: Kids have the chance to design their own Swindog

The CHILDREN of SWINDON have the chance to make history and watch their artistic talents shine through for years to come by designing their very own sculpture.

As part of the Big Dog Art Trail coming to town, the announcer is asking kids of all ages to submit their colorful ideas for what the newspaper’s own dog should look like.

Using the template, kids can submit their creation and be in the running to see their art come to life on a two-meter tall sculpture.

Swindon is hosting the Big Dog Art Trail, with more than 30 fiberglass sculptures being installed across the town next summer for people to visit.

The “Swindogs” will be supported by known and unknown artists who will hand-paint eye-catching and innovative designs on each one.

But the Swindon announcer is looking for some youthful inspiration on what his Swindog should look like.

Editor Daniel Chipperfield said he was eager to see what the youngsters came up with.

“It’s a hugely exciting part of the journey, as kids get to use their imaginations and see their very own Swindog become a reality,” he said.

“Seeing children’s creativity come to the fore is a big part of what the trail is all about, showcasing the culture and artistic side of the city.

“I can’t wait to see what will be imagined and I’m afraid of having to choose a winner.

“The only advice I have for anyone looking to participate is to have fun doing it!”

All you have to do is color both sides of the template on the other page, fill in your details and send it to the Swindon Advertiser office.

Alternatively, you can color it in electronically and email it to us at [email protected]

The model’s design will feature in the Swindon Advertiser on Tuesday 25th October and Thursday 27th October, with future dates possibly to be added.

The submission deadline is December 6, and a winner will be announced by a jury in January 2023.

The trail is expected to attract thousands of visitors. As well as boosting tourism and culture in the town, the initiative will raise vital funds for the charity Julia’s House.

In addition to the main trail, schools, nurseries and community groups will also be invited to get involved in the project this fall and create designs for their own mini puppy sculptures that will be part of the main trail.

The pawed public art show will run from July 15 to September 3, 2023 and culminate in a farewell grand finale where all Swindogs will be reunited under one roof and auctioned into forever homes.

This event is organized in Swindon by Julia’s House and global public art producer, Wild in Art, who have previously run trails in cities across the UK and around the world, including the parade of elephants in Worcester and cows in Cambridge.

To find out how to become a sponsor or to get the latest Big Dog Art Trail updates, visit the website

Artwork Tips: Designs that are overtly religious, political, or sexual in nature will not be accepted. Also, neither advertising nor company logos are allowed. We cannot accept designs that infringe third party intellectual property i.e. recognizable brands, logos, personalities, franchises and characters etc. Designs should not feature balloon dogs showing obvious signs of fear or aggression.

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