Black Girl Doll Hanging from Noose at NJ House

ELK — Police have investigated whether a lifelike black girl doll that was hung from a tree outside a house was racially harassing or tasteless Halloween decor.

The doll appeared to be a black child, hanging from a noose with elbow-length hair, wearing a floaty white dress, as seen in a photo taken by Hassan Williams, who said the tree was on along Route 55 towards Glassboro.

“We are currently investigating an incident that occurred in our township. We sympathize with our community and ask for cooperation and patience at this time as we thoroughly investigate the facts,” the Elk Township Police Department said in a post on its Facebook page.

Doll hanging in front of the house in Elk Township (courtesy Hassan Williams)

Doll hanging in front of the house in Elk Township (courtesy Hassan Williams)

In addition to sharing the photo with us, Williams had briefly shared it on Facebook, prompting a flood of comments before giving the update that “the owners of the house have nothing to do with rental property. The police are handling the situation. »

He told us that the landlords said they had nothing to do with the activities of the tenants. His own concerns centered on the likeness of the doll, as well as the impact it might have on families who have faced suicide.

The doll had been seen widely on Sunday evening and was removed on Monday, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The investigation was also confirmed by Chief of Detectives for the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, Thomas Gilbert, who said law enforcement “expects us to have a full understanding of all the facts and circumstances”.

Commenters on Williams’ now-deleted Facebook post ranged from disgust to others pointing out that there was also a witch, about 3ft tall, standing at the base of the same tree.

There was also some kind of star or snowflake shaped holiday lighting outside the house.

Another commentator said the area had a history of racial tension, pointing to an incident two years ago in nearby Franklinville, where white men re-enacted the killing of George Floyd under a police officer’s knee, in the alongside a group of peaceful protesters.

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