Cans of seized tobacco stolen from sealed house in Madurai

Through Express news service

MADURAI: When officials from the Food Security Department opened a house they had sealed earlier in the SS colony on Monday, they found 45 of the 59 missing boxes of tobacco products. How did someone get into a sealed house and steal the products?

Police said officials searched a house on Bharathiar 3rd Street in the SS settlement on August 22, 2020 based on intelligence. When they entered the house, they found 59 boxes of prohibited tobacco products. Officials then sent the samples for laboratory analysis.

After receiving confirmation that the products were banned tobacco products, the ministry submitted an indictment. The case is pending before the district court. Products weighing 1080 kg were kept inside the house and sealed by officials.

Some time later, the owner of the house filed a petition seeking permission to use his house, and the court ordered the department to return the house to him. Acting on order, when authorities opened the house on Monday, they found 45 boxes of tobacco products missing.

Officials suspect the thieves to have entered the house by removing the window at the back of the building. Based on the complaint of the head of food security S Rajkumar, one case has been registered. The value of the lost property is estimated at Rs 1.98 lakh.

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