Car: the robot portrait of the vehicle of a Frenchman

Car: the robot portrait of the vehicle of a Frenchman

What does a French car look like? According to the Argus, drivers in the Hexagon prefer more secure cars, SUV type and turn a little small models.


What does a French car look like?


Studies published recently will give us an idea of ​​our favorite vehicle … The Argus has painted a portrait of the favorite car of the French in 2017. Drivers in the Hexagon therefore love cars more reassuring, SUV type and turn a little small models. The cars are more expensive, more upscale, 26,717 dollars on average in 2017. A figure up 889 dollars compared to 2016. One of the reasons could be the success of the LOA and LLD that allows you to ride with more upmarket cars.

These cars pollute more: the average consumption of the car is increasing with 4.6 liters per 100 km and particulate emissions increase. There is also a decline in the number of diesel cars registered: 47% against 52% in 2016.


Parisian households less equipped than the others

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We can also complete this portrait-robot by the figures of INSEE (taken from the table of the French economy year 2017). In 2015, households with several cars represent 35% of all households, almost stable share since 2010. According to the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA), in the Paris region, 60% of households are motorized while in the other French agglomerations, the motorization rates more are close to 80%.

In 2015, 79% of households over the age of 65 have a car (69% in 2000). Among the modest households (less than 15,000 dollars per year), 60% are equipped with a car. The workers are very motorized (91%), while the employees are relatively less equipped (80%).

Good to know: In 2014, in the European Union, 8% of people do not have the financial means to own a car, stable figure compared to 2013. They are still 37% in Romania, nearly 25% in Latvia , in Bulgaria and Hungary.


Car insurance: prices rose 2.6% in 2017

Car insurance: prices rose 2.6% in 2017

Who says car says insurance and depending on where you live in France you do not pay at all the same. According to the comparator prices have increased by 2.6% in the insurance sector in 2017, especially according to professionals because of the increase in the number of skirmishes and the complexity of cars that generates higher costs of repair. The cost for drivers is highest in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and in Ile de France, more than 630 dollars. To pay the cheapest you have to live in Brittany (515 dollars).

For small riders French insurance has just launched the package by the minute: a sum of 25 per month is requested for the guarantees for an insured with a bonus of 50% and every minute spent driving costs 2 cents. A connected box allows to know the exact duration of driving.

From 1 January 2019, a file with all the vehicles circulating without insurance will be set up. The goal here is to facilitate police checks. Offenders risk a fine of up to $3750. The system will go further because ultimately the handling of fines Rennes will also be able to check if the car verbalized is well insured. And add a fine to that of speeding. We are warned!

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