Chostiko Consumer Loan – What Loan Without Bek?

Chostiko Consumer Loan – What Loan Without Bek?


A lot of people ask why an ID is needed to receive a payday loan. It should be clearly stated that the loan agreement must include data such as the number and ID card series. Only then is the contract that has been concluded a valid contract. Meanwhile, on other documents – be it on the driving license or passport – we will not find information about the number and series of the ID card. Therefore, the lack of an ID card makes it impossible to receive payday payday loans.

If we do not have an ID card – be it due to losing it or waiting for a new one – unfortunately we will not take out payday loans. Palibank require only an ID card as an identity document. Therefore, if we only have a driving license, we will not be able to confirm our identity. What’s more, remember that your ID card must be a valid document on the day you apply for payday payday loans. So if it has expired, no one will grant us payday pay.

Payday loans are quick loans

The popularity of which is now really huge. This is due, inter alia, to the extremely short, simplified procedure for granting such loans. Many people ask if you can receive a payday loan if you document your identity not with an ID card but with a driving license.

The identity card is required by the loan companies not only because of the number and series that must appear on the loan agreement, but also because it is a document confirming the age of the person applying for a loan. It must be emphasized that payday loans are only granted to those who have reached the age of majority. So if we don’t have an ID card, payday pay is not for us. Therefore, everyone who wants to borrow money must have an ID card.

What is a non-repayable loan?

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Palibank are constantly expanding their offer. Currently, these are not only payday loans, but also installment loans granted for higher amounts and for a longer period of time. It is a good choice for people who need a much higher amount of money and at the same time no bank will give them a loan. Such a loan is currently even thirty thousand klotxc.

What loan period is involved?

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It depends of course on the lender, but you can bet for up to four years. When deciding on such a loan, one must take into account the possible costs that must be incurred in connection with it.

The most popular product of the non-banking financial market are, of course, payday loans, i.e. short-term loans. Their name did not come from nowhere. They are given for a really short time. Usually, the loan period in their case ranges from a few to no more than sixty days.

In the initial period of existence, non-bank companies offered their clients loans for a short time and a relatively small amount – they were not loans higher than a maximum of PLN 1,000. Currently the situation has changed significantly. As for payday payday, you can borrow up to six thousand klotxc today. The lowest amount generally offered by Palibank is fifty klotxc. It is worth adding that a lot of Palibank attract their clients with a free first loan. What does it mean? There is no interest rate on the first loan. As a result, we will refund exactly the amount that the palibank lent us.

Among the loans that are very popular today, there are so-called payday loans. They are offered by Palibank, of which more on Polish. As it turns out, their offer is not only payday loans. Below we present what we can count on when deciding to borrow money from a palibank.

Where is the best place to take a non-bank loan?

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Loan companies by far the most often verify the identity of their clients using the ID card provided by them. The loan application must include the series as well as the ID number. Photocopies of the document are often required, which are then attached to the application. If we borrow online, we must provide a scan of your ID card. However, you can do this by using email.

Anyone who has decided to borrow money would like the loan decision to be made right away. Meanwhile, the borrower must be patient. In the case of Palibank providing so-called payday loans, everything is done quickly. Let’s see how lenders can verify their clients.

Verification by bank transfer


This method of verification is perfect for payday loans. The person submitting the application must make a verification transfer. Importantly, this transfer must be made from an account that we own. It serves to confirm our identity. So if it is made from another person’s account, it will not be accepted. The lender will only start processing your application when the transfer we have made reaches its account. No transfer means you cannot borrow money.

Palibank use verification not only using an identity document and bank transfer, but also a special application. To confirm your identity, you must log in to your bank account. The application will download all the data that is needed to verify the identity of the person. Lots of people will ask here if this solution carries some risk. It should be emphasized that such applications have really solid security. Therefore, you should not be afraid that our data will go to the wrong people.

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