Courteney Cox writes a book in a haunted house

Starz unveils the first Shining Vale trailer starring Courteney Cox as an author writing a book in a haunted house in the horror-comedy series.

Starz unveils the first shining valley trailer starring Courteney Cox as an author writing a book in a haunted house in the horror-comedy series. Cox stars as Patricia “Pat” Phelps, an author best known for her steamy novels about female empowerment who moves with her dysfunctional family to a big house in a small town after she’s caught cheating on her husband. . Shortly after the move, Pat finds himself struggling with his sobriety and a sense of dissatisfaction and a malevolent presence haunting the house with a terrible past.

Alongside Cox, the cast of shining valley includes Greg Kinnear, Sherilyn Fenn, Gus Birney, Dylan Gage, Mira Sorvino, Merrin Dungey, Judith Light and Alysia Reiner. Development of the series began in early 2018 when Showtime partnered with Warner Bros. TV for a pilot of the show. Disaster creator Sharon Horgan and Jeff Astrof, but would later turn to Starz and Lionsgate co-producing the project. Manufacturing on shining valley ran from March to July 2021 and now audiences are getting their first look at the horror-comedy.


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Less than a month from his arrival, Starz released the official shining valley trailer. The video shows Courteney Cox’s Pat Phelps struggling to write her next book in a haunted house with the help of the ghost who lives there. Check out the scary and funny trailer below:

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The first one shining valley The trailer offers a nice look at its blending of horror and comedy genres and its inspirations for the former, namely that of Stephen King the brilliant. Between Cox’s lead author character and his struggles with sobriety, writer’s block, and interactions with a spirit in a house, there are a number of parallels to be drawn between Pat and Jack Torrance of Jack Nicholson, namely when the two begin to see their writing come together. paranormal influences. Unlike Stanley Kubrick’s film, however, the shining valley The trailer points to its main character seeking to unravel the mystery plaguing her in her new home rather than simply succumb to its influences.

the shining valley The trailer also follows Courteney Cox’s return to the horror genre with this year. Scream, which recently surpassed the $120 million mark at the box office and won a sequel order from Paramount, for which she has expressed interest in returning as iconic heroine Gale Weathers. The series also marks Cox’s first major TV project in more than seven years since the conclusion of his well-received sitcom. Cougar City. Only time will tell how shining valley sits with the star’s fans when it premieres on Starz on March 6.


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