Dark Igloo makes email fun with a Contact Us page that doubles as a 3D video game

Contact us 2 is a racing game created in collaboration with Fuzzy Wobble on code, where users collect coins to increase the character count of emails. Players can choose from four different vehicles and even drive through an Easter egg eyeball to enter the Igloo studio while playing. Since the launch of the update, potential emails with little patience play Contact us 2 meant that Dark Igloo received emails as economical as “HireMe”. However, more than just a fun trivial exercise, the game is also a branding opportunity. As seen in the polar bear player character design, Contact us 2 is replete with Igloo iconography. “Every member of the team is present somewhere in the game,” says Igloo co-founder Dave Franzese. “Other scenic items have a more personal meaning for our crew members: vintage camcorders, guitars, a T-Rex.”

The design of Contact us 2 greatly exceeds the previous iteration, with the studio even writing new original songs for the experience. During the complete overhaul, “the email part of the game was one of the very last steps and a huge technical challenge to overcome,” says Dave. “As you can imagine, a website that sends emails to people without a login required is very difficult to operate, as well as to ensure that these emails are not interpreted as spam. “

As well as working as a fun update for Igloo fans, Dave confirms that Contact us 2 serves a more serious purpose: “We want our people to play and take this game seriously.” The contact video game is an invitation and an ultimate “atmosphere test” for potential collaborators. See if you passed the test here.

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