David Ross stayed at the ‘deathtrap’ Watch House in Coverack, Cornwall, with his wife Suzanne and 80-year-old mother Gloria, having paid £2,727 to stay for a week.

A furious holidaymaker has described a ’boutique’ Cornwall holiday property owned by comedian David Baddiel as a decaying ‘death trap’ that needed a deep clean.

David Ross resided at the Watch House in Coverack with his wife Suzanne and 80-year-old mother Gloria after paying £2,727 for a week-long stay.

However, the family feel uneasy and have accused the holiday rental company they booked through of ‘false advertising’ because the four-bedroom coastal property, which Baddiel is trying to sell for £1.5million pounds, looks nothing like what appears on their brochure.

“It’s truly horrific and beyond repair – not what you would expect from something marketed as a ’boutique hideout’,” Mr Ross, 60, from south London said in a statement to MailOnline .

“The ceilings are peeling off, there are sockets hanging from the walls, lights hanging from the cords, and it’s dirty.”

A window with a sign warning people not to open it because it’s broken is there, and another window has a grate that hasn’t been cleaned in decades.

The entire space is a complete death trap, including the washing machine and dryer in the bathroom.

Before Baddiel paid £1million for the property in 2011, Mr Ross booked the watchtower on the Lizard Peninsula as a treat for his aging mother, who often visited her late husband.

In what is probably his “last vacation”, he thought it might bring back fond memories.

But the trip ended up being a misery and the booking company, Cornwall Hideaways, only gave the family £200 in compensation, despite David’s claims that they had promised to refund 10 per cent.

When we voiced our concerns, they sent cleaners, but when they arrived they admitted the task was far too much for them, according to Mr Ross.

The garden is like a grassy wasteland since it has been so neglected.

“It needs a complete renovation,” I say.

He continued, “I feel bad for revealing this, but I’m so upset. I’ve always liked David Baddiel.

“Since the property is already booked for the rest of the year, I just wanted to let potential clients know what to expect.”

“Since it’s currently off season, they will pay more money than us,” I said.

I think a week’s stay here shouldn’t cost more than £1200, and that amount is just for the location.

Baddiel was approached by MailOnline for a comment.

The 58-year-old Fantasy Football celebrity has previously opened up about his fondness for the Cornish coast, saying he lives there to focus on his writing and frequently visits the neighborhood bar called The Paris with his wife Morwenna Banks, 60, who is from the area.

In 2020, Baddiel said: “Our house in Coverack allows you to work with a view of the sea, which I like to do.

“I think having the sea around is incredibly zen,” says the author. It calms you down and is great for clearing your mind of any other thoughts you may be having.

The Watch House, which was built in 1810, claims to offer “sea views from every room” and is ideal for “romantic” and “family” getaways.

The property has several large windows, clapboard walls and Cornish stone exteriors.

According to rental agencies, the home‘s wood floors give it a “charming, classic vibe,” and one of the four bedrooms is located in the loft, which is characterized as a suitable “den” for older children. and teenagers.

It can accommodate up to eight people, and the sandy beach and the village of Coverack with all its cafes, bistros and ice cream parlors are only a two-minute walk away.

‘Cornwall Hideaways, as an agent of the Watch House, is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the property,’ a company representative said.

On this occasion we failed to live up to our usual high standards, and although we sent our cleaning staff to resolve the issue, we also issued refunds to the guests, which they were happy to receive.

Naturally, we ensured that all necessary repairs were carried out on this beautiful and expensive property.

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