David Wilson Homes donated a butterfly house to Nightingale Nursing and Care Home, Edwinstowe

Staff and residents of a retirement home have been given a helping hand to connect with nature.

The Nightingale Nursing and Care Home in Edwinstowe received pollinators and a butterfly house from David Wilson Homes.

The donation was made to mark the Big Butterfly Count, which runs until Sunday.

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Two Nursing Home Staff with Butterfly House and Donated Butterflies (58273891)

Catherine Egley, senior manager of the home, said: “Residents have really appreciated the donation and it has given them a sense of wellbeing and a beautiful place to visit in the park, which needs to be developed, but the donations will be part of it. of renovation plans.

Collaboration is the last link between the home builder and nature.

It has also included the sharing of knowledge and expertise on landscape guides, a brick development for swifts to nest in, and wildlife-friendly display gardens.

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Nightingale Nursing and Care Home Team Accepting Butterfly House and Butterflies (58273894)

Mark Cotes, Managing Director of David Wilson Homes North Midlands, said: “Ensuring that we provide homes for wildlife as well as for our customers is one of our highest priorities as a premier homebuilder. plan.

“We also aim to get our local communities involved in trying to support local wildlife and we hope the donation to Nightingale Nursing and Care Home will help residents watch the butterflies visit their garden.”

The homebuilders facility at Thoresby Vale includes wildlife-friendly features such as bird houses, bat houses, speed bricks, a bee house, hedgehog houses and highways.

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