Dog turning on kitchen faucet among most unusual dog-related insurance claims

A dog flooded a kitchen by turning on a tap in one of the most unusual pet-related claims to be handled by an insurance giant.

As Crufts returns this week, Aviva said it receives around 800 accidental damage claims each year in the UK where dogs play a role.

On average, claims for dog-related incidents are valued at around £1,100 each, he said.

In one instance, a young Labradane (a Labrador/Great Dane Cross) named Whiskey turned on a cold water tap in his kitchen, while his owners were briefly away.

The dog caused around £4,000 in damage by flooding the room, with the incident caught on the house‘s security camera.

Whiskey caused around £4,000 in damage after turning on a kitchen tap (Aviva/PA)

Another complaint handled by Aviva involved a customer who was cleaning her aquarium and had buckets of water on the floor.

His laptop was plugged into charging nearby on the arm of a chair. The customer’s dog ran past, grabbed the charging cable and pulled the laptop into a bucket.

Another incident involved a man decorating his landing zone. His dog knocked over a stepladder, knocking over a two-litre can of paint down the stairs.

Aviva also handled a complaint after a dog refused to get into a car. The client was driving to a meeting and put his laptop on top of the vehicle while he put the dog inside. He then left with the laptop still on the roof of the car.

An owner’s dog got excited when he saw another dog on TV. He jumped onto the screen and knocked the device off its mount.

Other incidents involved a dog knocking over a bucket of bleach while a woman was cleaning, an antique barometer knocked off a wall, and a dog knocking over a can of paint on a windowsill.

In another case, a dog tripped its owner who was carrying a drink, which landed on his electric keyboard.

Another rug was damaged when an excited pup tangled the leash around an ironing board. The pup managed to knock the board over, pulling the hot iron plate across the mat.

Kelly Whittington, UK Property Claims Manager for Aviva, said: “Dogs are beloved members of millions of UK homes. They get involved in all aspects of family life – and our possessions are sometimes the victims.

“Most home insurance policies have exclusions for damage caused by chewing, scratching, tearing or soiling from pets, so we urge customers to check their coverage.

“But as our records show, there are many dog-related incidents where homeowners insurance – and in particular accidental damage coverage – can come to the rescue.

“Accidental damage coverage is a useful addition to home contents insurance, in the event of unexpected breakage and spills in the home. If clients wish to ensure that they have the best coverage for their needs, we encourage them to contact their insurer or broker.

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