Electrosonic and Igloo Vision launch a “collaboration engine”

Electrosonic and Igloo Vision have partnered to create a collaborative engine to deliver meaningful experiences and powerful tools to businesses.

The move comes as companies move from traditional workspaces to flexible zones, which require more immersive experiences.

With shared immersive workspaces from Electrosonic and Igloo Vision, any organization can collaborate with new levels of immersion, dressing rooms with AV equipment to create 360-degree experiences without the need for VR headsets .

Customers will be able to seamlessly view and interact with any digital content and engage effortlessly with any colleague based anywhere in the world.

The companies share a vision of providing tools and technologies that can be used in flexible workplaces, from coworking spaces to retail environments and permanent spaces that require new ways to engage employees.

Ewan Smith, Global President and CEO of Electrosonic, said, “We are excited to be working with Igloo Vision to accelerate experiential workplace innovation for Electrosonic customers around the world.

Kerry Head, Managing Director of Igloo Vision, added, “We are thrilled to partner with Electrosonic and expand our shared immersive platforms for workspaces available to Electrosonic customers wherever they are in the world and whatever their sector of activity.

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