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When you think of water balloons, you might think of summer games in the backyard or at the beach. But one family proved water balloons aren’t just for hot weather by using them to build an igloo!

The Wood family of Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, includes dad Antony, mom Tansri Bratakusumo and their two children Jasmine (18) and Joshua (15). The four family members enjoyed themselves, which Antony told Fox 32 Chicago took about two weeks, at times, to complete.

As the igloo rose from the snow and ice in the Woods yard, neighbors couldn’t help but marvel at the family’s creativity. Photos of the colorful igloo soon began to appear on social media.

On Facebook, local realtor Kelly Maggio offered free hot chocolate to anyone who could match the Woods’ creativity in their own backyard.

The process of creating the colored ice orbs wasn’t as simple as filling regular water balloons, sticking them in the freezer, and then using them as makeshift bricks.

“Antony Wood said the first step was to fill the 12-inch balloons, add food coloring, then let them freeze outside in teenage temperatures or lower,” Fox 32 Chicago reported. “They removed the balloons once the ice froze and started to form, using snow mixed with water as a muddy mortar.”

Here’s what the balloons looked like as they froze for construction, as posted on Facebook by Bratakusumo.

And here’s a close-up of what the colored ice cream looks like once it pops out of the ball’s protective coating.

Although the structure is not suitable for rental for adventurous travelers who want to spend the night in an igloo, Wood told Fox 32 that it functions as a cozy bedroom for two. The igloo measures approximately 8 feet in diameter and 5 feet 6 inches high.

“You could comfortably fit two people lying down in it, and we slept in it all night,” he told the station.

But his wife took on the challenge of seeing how many people could fit in their little igloo. She gathered her family and friends and they all got together for a fun photo shoot.

“We managed to accommodate 9 grown adults plus one taking photos from the tunnel,” she posted on her Facebook page. “I’m sure there’s still room for more.”

The family even decorated the colorful igloo with festive outdoor lighting to really bring out the colors at night.

After a few weeks, the family’s amazing water balloon igloo was left standing. However, in another Facebook post dated February 16, Bratakusumo told “Bulba-gloo” followers that his time was coming to an end. Photos showed recent warm temperatures had done a number on the igloo.

Their Bulba-gloo was magnificent while it lasted. We have to wonder what this imaginative family might come up with next!

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