Family search for missing dog after weekend house fire

“The house is a total loss,” the Guelph Fire Department, just east of Guelph, said Saturday night.

GUELPH /ERAMOSA TWNSHP. – In Guelph /Eramosa The family is on the hunt for beloved two-year-old dog Macy after she went missing on Saturday afternoon after a fire ravaged their home, leaving the family in shock as the Guelph Fire Department surveyed the home like a total loss.

Macy’s, who was adopted by the family in 2020 as COVID pet, went missing in the chaos that swept through the homestead at Wellington Road 124, just west of Guelph Lake.

“She’s your typical COVID puppy, ”said Kendra Guthrie-Mace, owner of Macy’s. “She hasn’t been socialized a ton, so she’s a little nervous to boot, and just with all the fuss and stuff, she was just petrified.”

Guthrie-Mace said she saw Macy running near east view Community Park on Watson Road, but couldn’t coax her home because she believed Macy’s was still in survival mode.

The Guthrie-Mace family hired a professional dog tracker and received support from the community who searched for Macy and followed up on possible sightings.

Guthrie-Mace said that regarding the house fire, the family were not at home at the time, however, their two dogs were at the house at the time of the fire.

“Our one dog sort of stays on the property, and the other, I guess with all the fire trucks, sirens and sounds, she’s gone running,” said Guthrie-Mace.

“The fire mainly went through the roof, I guess, but other than that we don’t really know what the root cause is,” Guthrie-Mace said.

Steven Goode, deputy chief of operations at the Guelph Fire Department, said the current estimated damage is in the range of $ 450,000 and the house is a total loss.

Goode said the Guelph Fire Department is supported by The Guelph Eramosa Fire department and Pusher Firefighters.

At this time, the cause of the fire has not been determined.

“We did a detailed investigation and our own in-house fire prevention team, Guelph Fire, and basically they looked at a few things and considered it accidental, but due to the extent of the damage they can’t determine the cause, ”Goode said.

The family are appealing to the community to help bring Macy home and are open to any advice or observations.

Guthrie-Mace said she has already received massive support from the community, with people going out of their way to search for Macy day and night.

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