Generous glazing floods the interior of a small, compact house with daylight



When you’re dealing with the kind of small living space a tiny home offers, maximizing glazing can really help you feel less cramped. The French Baluchon took this approach with his recently completed Ia Orana, and he really opens the house to light and views.

The Ia Orana (which means hello in Tahitian) is only 6 m (19.6 ft) long – to put that in perspective, small American houses typically exceed 9 m (30 ft) – and is based on a trailer. double axle, and is finished in cedar, with a pitched aluminum roof.

Ia Orana seems bathed in daylight inside thanks to its generous glazing


Visitors enter the house through large glass doors, which run almost from floor to ceiling and will eventually connect to a planned deck area outside. The layout is also fairly straightforward, which is always a good idea when there isn’t a lot of space available.

The living room is furnished with a sofa, a small desk and a coffee table, in addition there is storage space and a high ceiling because there is no mezzanine above . Next to the living room is a relatively spacious kitchen with a freezer (but no fridge, at the owner’s request), a two-burner propane stove and cupboards. There are also a few sliding steps for easy access to the upper storage space.

Ia Orana's living room contains a sofa and a small desk

Ia Orana’s living room contains a sofa and a small desk


The kitchen connects to the bathroom, which is quite spacious by small French house standards and has a sink, toilet, washer / dryer and shower measuring 160 x 80 cm (5 x 2.6 ft). Above the bathroom is the house’s bedroom, which is accessed by a space-saving removable ladder. This is a typical small bedroom with a low ceiling and enough space for a double bed and shelves.

The Ia Orana is now located in the French Alps. We have no word on its price, but the small houses in Baluchon start at € 80,000 (around US $ 92,000).

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