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A dog alerted its sleeping owner to a fire in the residence where they were staying in Aurelius early Wednesday morning.

The Aurelius Volunteer Fire Department said on its Facebook page that it and the Cayuga Fire Department were alerted to a house fire at 5863 Route 90 around 2 a.m. Fire Chief David Perkins told the Citizen that a man renting the property was awakened by his dog. The tenant and the dog were not injured and found a place to stay.

The majority of the fire was extinguished in about 10 minutes, Perkins said, but a lot of time at the scene was spent trying to find places where the fire could still have been, such as the ceiling over the garage . The scene was cleaned around 5:37 a.m., he continued. Most of the damage to the house occurred in “the garage and living room of the house,” Perkins said, although he noted that there was smoke damage throughout the structure.

Perkins said he personally didn’t think the house was a complete loss, although he stressed that was his opinion.

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“I can tell you based on my 30 years of experience that there is probably a very good chance that the house can be fixed,” he added.

The Aurelius Department thinks it was “very obvious,” Perkins said, that the fire was caused by a wood-burning appliance that had been in use earlier in the evening and that some kind of malfunction caused the ‘fire.

Teams arrived at the scene to find a single-story house with thick smoke coming from the roof, the Facebook post said. The department said a tanker was activated because there were no hydrants in the area.

Cayuga County 911 dispatchers said there were no reports of people receiving medical transportation from the scene. Dispatchers said that with services from Aurelius and Cayuga, Union Springs, Fleming, Montezuma, Throop, Owasco, Waterloo, Seneca Falls and AMR Ambulance Fire Departments contributed to the response.

The Aurelius firefighters thanked all the helpers.

Route 90 was closed from Davis Point Road to Waynes Point until about 5 a.m., according to an alert from the State Department of Transportation.

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