Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10 review: Living in a House Divided

Well, okay then.

Anyone else completely confused by the state of many characters these days? It’s starting to feel like characterization and logic are gone, and the show is prioritizing whatever it thinks fits the plot it’s focusing on right now.

Along with Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10 serving as an incredibly understated and lukewarm send-off for Cormac Hayes, it was an assortment of unusual beats and moments. At least half a dozen of Gray Sloan’s best felt out of place.

Cormac Hayes leaves Gray Sloan Memorial without fanfare. As a fan of the character for the simple fact that he held so much potential, it is reluctantly admitted that his departure was as lukewarm as his overall presence on the show due to his criminal underuse.

And yet, my loving Hayes heart is still broken that he’s gone.

Mer: And your plan was to leave without saying goodbye?
Hayes: Yeah.
Sea: Why?
Hayes: Because if I said goodbye to you, Grey, I would never leave.

Of course, his start barely made it into the four best significant plots of the hour. This probably goes to show how in touch he was with anyone outside of Mer and the Hunt-Altman clan that no one peeked into his departure or even gave the man expired Twinkies from the vending machine in the lobby before saying goodbye.

They threw a nugget for the senders of the MerHayes when Mer casually mentioned his impending absence and asked why he had no intention of saying goodbye.

To be fair, Hayes has barely been on Mer’s radar for a minute now, and in what turned out to be a crackle in more ways than one, she was about as unfazed by the news as she was. was with anything else.

A Little -Tall Prayer - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

Respectfully, it’s getting harder and harder to remember a time when Pompeo wasI don’t call him in this series.

But Hayes, with that lovely Irish tune, recited flattering words about how Mer changed his life and made him believe he can love again someday – after Abigail – and the typical bit about how he couldn’t leave if he had to face her again.

The words sounded so pretty, but it still hurts me that we never got to see them in action, you know?

By then Hayes deserved to pack up his little box and go home, which made him all the more frustrating when Karen, I mean, Teddy, came at him like a lingering gnat every five seconds to ask her what happened in that care instead of working through it all with her husband.

He felt numb to Hayes and the traumatic ordeal he went through in that car (because he’s not a Gold Star Gray Sloaner who’s been through every conceivable disaster in the history of the world – it’s is an ordinary man who reacts reasonably to things, you know?).

Happy Sis-n-law - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

Even though Teddy concluded that everything Owen said to Hayes made him want to quit his job and leave the country, it sounds like a problem between Teddy and Owen. Let the poor thing go!

Hayes was a good guy, though, and he didn’t throw Owen under the bus, then he probably grabbed one and ran away, and that’s a curtain call on Cormac Hayes, folks.

Teddy couldn’t be alone enough, and sometimes there are things you shouldn’t look for lest you find out something you don’t want to know. We’re supposed to enjoy the golden age of Towen and all that good stuff.

Tell me what you got out of my husband’s care or I’ll call the police.


However, it was a bit rich for Teddy to lament that Owen was hiding something from her, and she was on the warpath through the hospital to get to the bottom of it.

The same Teddy kept so many secrets from Owen before they married, including their daughter’s namesake for her, so this sudden relentless pursuit of a dark truth from her is bizarre.

It’s gotten to the point where she’s followed Noah’s wife out to the parking lot to confront her, and it’s ridiculous that her beef with Owen is becoming everyone’s problem but his and hers.

Smirking in a lab coat - large - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

Teddy even threatened to call the cops — to say what, woman? It was a good cliffhanger for now, even if this story is random.

But the M&M was wild too! We have already seen the procedure, and it is always hectic.

Surprisingly, what started as a belated, shocked, depressed, mentally unstable, bespectacled Levi attempting to discuss what he did before fleeing the place turned into an inquisition against Webber and this method with Maggie, Lin and others leading the charge.

Maggie, who shared MVP status with Zander, didn’t hesitate to call out Richard, and that’s one of the best things about him. She does not let her love for a person interfere with logic and reason.

Examine Method - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

The Webber method was a problem and they had to discuss it. Maggie was right about how screwed up it was that they pushed this practice without consulting her with the other doctors.

Webber can be stubborn as hell, but it was ridiculous that he would go after Maggie like that for having the audacity to challenge and criticize him. He vomited that she wasn’t there like it should have mattered anyway when he later admitted that he used Catherine to force proceedings and end Bailey’s criticism anyway.

No one should have had to tiptoe around Webber’s feelings, but we got plenty of it as he worked through the method that needed to be benched.

It was a big moment when he spoke to Bailey, making amends. It’s obvious that Webber takes for granted how much everyone values ​​him and wants to make him proud, and he also unwittingly uses that to his advantage.

Stubborn About The Webber Method - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

It was also sweet that he had that particular scene with the sisters and expressed how much they resemble his daughters.

But it was still odd that in no part of this situation had he had a single conversation with Levi, who is the very definition of unease right now. And the same goes for Bailey.

When Bailey wasn’t making insensitive and dismissive comments about how residents might need safe spaces, she was flipping the switch abruptly to have a one-on-one with…Rodnot Levi.

You publicly humiliated me in a hospital where I worked for over 30 years!


It was hard to enjoy the sweetness of the moment and the rare moments when Helm got decent screen time, because it was disconcerting that an ashy, emotionally ill and neglected Levi stumbled out of the conference and never returned. , and nobody cares?

Incredibly, Bailey, who struggles with mental illness not only in a post-bipolar Andrew DeLuca timeline, but also post-COVID, where doctors like Levi worked tirelessly understaffed during a pandemic to save people, would also be callous, dismissive and unfazed by one of hers having had an emotional breakdown over the loss of a patient.

Residents face the heat -tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

Even Helm’s frustration with others asking about Levi was weird. Nico is the only one worried about this kid, and now Levi wants to leave for good.

It’s such a lack of consideration and recognition of someone’s state of mental health that it’s distracting.

Is this already the last of Jo and Link? They both enjoyed the sex, but Jo realized it was inadvisable to sleep with him when her heart was in it after talking to Carina.

What are we going to do with this? Who knows? But most of the problem also seemed to be how awkwardly Jo was working on this endometriosis case with Amelia.

Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

A series rarely covers the subject of endometriosis, so I appreciate its exploration, despite the love triangle in the background. For some reason, Amelia made huge strides in explaining why Jo was behaving strangely on the case, and it led to an unusual exchange that made me side with Jo for a change.

But the worst was still the case of Link and Perez with the plus size woman. This isn’t the first time a series has attempted to tackle the topic of grossophobia in the medical field, and as much as there were annoying aspects to The Resident, they at least executed the storyline much better.

It felt like they sprinkled those bits and pieces, sandwiched between way too many other things, only to get to Zander’s big payoff, and later Bailey exclaiming at Link about how BMI is bullshit . And they are right. The message was on point, but the way to get there was clumsy.

Zander is a gem of a character that is criminally underutilized. Yet again, if he doesn’t get a sassy line here and there, he’s the guy who takes care of the racial comments directed at him because he’s brown, and now he’s the one must educate an assistant on weight because he is plus size.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

And that participant was Link. Curious minds would like to know who Chris Carmack pissed off to get that fucking writing for Link? What exactly is the reasoning for this defamation?

Once again, it was as if they made him an insensitive asshole to fit the plot.

Who is this Atticus Lincoln they’re trying to sell us on, and why do they feel like they’re trying to make him the bad guy to support characters like Amelia and Jo? It’s not necessary at all. Who asked for this?

And suddenly he’s okay with Amelia after sleeping with Jo, and he doesn’t even care that she puts a pin in their sex life. Did Jo’s hoo-ha suck all her sadness, kindness, and bedside manner?

Privileges for Marsh-tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 10

On Meredith and Nick’s forehead; he came in to do some surgeries, but unfortunately we couldn’t see any of them. It was cute when Maggie and Amelia met him and teased Mer about him.

It’s been a while since we’ve had quality screen time for the sisters, and honestly, when Mer told Nick that she needed to spend more time with her people (and kids), I enjoyed.

Over to you, Grey’s Fanatics. What do you think of this one? Ring !

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