Home improvements that add the most value to a home

Making a good first impression is vitally important in any transaction – but no more so than when looking to sell your home. However, any potential buyer worth their salt will always want to take a closer look, especially when hundreds of thousands of pounds are at stake.

It goes without saying that any necessary repairs to your home should be done before it goes on the market. There are other measures that cost nothing but attention to detail and maybe a little elbow grease.

Decluttering your home, deep cleaning it, rearranging your garden, repainting windowsills and installing a planter with pretty flowers could do the trick. Other ideas such as installing new double glazing or upgrading your broadband could be worth the investment and make all the difference.

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Whether you are looking to sell your home or have just purchased a property that needs renovation, a small investment can go a long way. Value for money is essential. Be careful, though, as experts warn that some improvements can actually lower a property’s value.

More often than not, a few small improvements will be enough to make your home stand out. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of residential properties sold in England last year rose by 10% thanks to a few simple, game-changing improvements.

Here are some home features that real estate experts believe will pay the most dividends.

Double glazing

Your home will instantly become more salable if double glazing is installed, according to real estate agents. Alex Harvey, of Henry Adams Estates in Sussex, said: “Buyers of period homes want wooden window frames.

“Don’t do plastic or they’ll start to cut the price. We sold an Edwardian terraced cottage for £40,000 more than we expected two years ago.”

He added: ‘All the owners did was replace the single glazed windows with wooden framed double glazed windows costing £18,000.

Faster Broadband

Properties with slow broadband connections tend to be avoided by potential buyers. This is at least the finding of a study conducted by Rightmove. Dubbed ‘the fourth utility’ – after electricity, gas and water – fast broadband that allows occupants of a home to easily stream TV and music without any hassle is a must.

The advice to anyone living in an area with poor reception is to look into installing satellite broadband, which involves installing a dish in the house. “Broadband has become ingrained in people’s lives and is a hugely important factor when choosing a home – its appeal should not be underestimated,” says Bernard Phillips of Rightmove.

A little thought and a wise investment can make all the difference

Edge call

Perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to increase the value of your home is to give its exterior a little TLC. Ensuring the front of your property is clean and tidy is a must, as many potential buyers like to have a drive-through, or several, before investigating further.

Kate Hardwick of Smiths Gore said a few “simple improvements” can make a huge difference. “More and more people are looking at houses from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s,” she said.

“Simple upgrades like making brick unattractive and replacing concrete tiles with slate increase appeal and value.” This is an opinion shared by Jonathan Handford, property expert at Fine & Country. “Hanging baskets, flower pots, freshly painting the front door, making sure the fence is neat and clean, as well as trimming hedges and lawns can create a welcoming impression,” he said. .

Ensuite bathrooms

Many new homes come with en-suite bathrooms and this is an increasingly common and sought-after feature. An en-suite bathroom can increase the value of your home and can cost as little as £2,500, according to the House Buyer Bureau website.

Having the space to create an additional bathroom adjoining a master bedroom is obviously a prerequisite. This means that costs can vary greatly depending on the space available.

Carole Ann Evans, of Morris Dibben estate agents, said: ‘If you have a four-bedroom house with only one bathroom, add another – an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom, ideally.’ Other bathroom improvement ideas include a heated towel rail, new faucets or a glass shower screen instead of a fitted curtain.

A warning

The House Buyer Bureau warns that homeowners should be wary of spending too much on big-budget upgrades. And there is an important reason for this. Their advice is to do a few key upgrades rather than a series of expensive upgrades such as a loft conversion, a purpose-built home office and an extra bathroom.

While they will add value to your home, the expense of big projects like these may not be very good value. The website states: “Remember that there will always be a ceiling price for properties in your area or road. No matter how many jaw-dropping home improvements you invest in, your home will never will never exceed that price.”

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