Homeless man refuses to return home if it means he has to leave his dog with foster care

Donald Dickerson, a homeless man from North Carolina, shames us all when it comes to caring for his dog.

Dickerson refused a roof over his head when he forced him to leave his dog, named Duude, with a foster family. As a result, he also became ineligible for much needed surgery.

According to a FOX8 report, a concerned citizen and the Volunteer Center of the Triad are doing what they can to help, but they lack help.

a man and his duude

Dickerson tells FOX8 that when Duude “looks at me, I know I’m loved.” To him, it is worth more than a roof over his head. It is even worth living in tremendous pain.

“I named him Duude because he’s my guy,” Dickerson says. “We have a close, close connection. “

Dickerson and Duude have so far taken shelter which they can find in the woods of a local campsite. “He hooked up with me,” Dickerson says.

According to FOX8, Dickerson might already have had a place to call home, but they asked Dickerson to host Duude. He refused to do so.

Need knee surgery

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Dickerson’s refusal to give up on Duude complicated a partial knee replacement operation for which Dickerson was approved and ready to undergo.

“When the doctors found out I was homeless, they said we had to postpone it until you find a place to live because someone has to come out and take care of you,” says Dickerson.

As Dickerson has so far been unable to find a place to live that can accommodate Duude, he is gone, in pain and homeless.

“I can’t give it up. If I have to be homeless and do without my surgery and continue to endure the pain, I will, because I will not leave it, ”he insists.

A concerned citizen intervenes

Lane Miller, a resident of the area, was particularly interested in Dickerson and Duude. She was touched by how much more attention Dickerson gave Duude than himself.

“I have seen this gentleman for almost a year. I could see his smile through the mask – okay, and that’s probably what did it for me, ”Miller told FOX8.

Miller began to contact a number of organizations and agencies to try to find a solution. “I hit a lot of brick walls,” she says.

So far, she has only gotten additional help from the Volunteer Center of the Triad. They help him to intensify his efforts to connect with organizations.

Dickerson and Duude, however, still need options.

So far, a GoFundMe for the pair has been set up. If you are able to afford some financial help during the holiday season, you can do so here.

Would you feel like Donald if you had to choose between your dog and a house? Have you ever had to give up something for a beloved dog? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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