How Hombale Films became the most successful pan-Indian production house with Rishab Shetty’s Kantara?

While KGF 1 had the country sit up and take notice of all that Southern films have to offer the entertainment world, KGF 2 set a world record with its teaser being the most watched teaser in the world. . In India, it became the first film to gross 50 crores on its day of release. Fastest at 100, 200, 300 crores and has 29 records to his name this year.

And came kantara which broke all previous Hombale Film records in twenty-five days. The divine blockbuster has received accolades across the globe and may well become India’s official Oscar entry. kantara became the most watched film in Karnataka so far in terms of attendance breaking all previous records, with an attendance of over 80 lakhs in Karnataka alone.

At a time when theatrical releases are struggling to hit a 50 crore box office figure, Hombale Films is writing and redefining its own records with over 2000 crore in its last 3 projects. In 2022, Hombale Films was tasked with giving the industry its best box office numbers and the most celebrated and acclaimed content through its relentless pursuit of producing films that have something for everyone – a middle desi, slick action, tough hero, dastardly villain, romance, scale and splendor mixed with a touch of culture.

Homale’s dream run is set to continue in the coming year with Prabhas starring ‘Salaar’, an action-thriller tailor-made for the megastar and one of the most anticipated films of 2023. fans can’t wait to see Prabhas in his fiercest, rawest and most massive avatar. Only ten years in the film industry, Hombale Films has now become a name to be reckoned with. Hombale has quickly become the most successful production house, delivering one pan-Indian blockbuster after the next and is expected to keep dreaming even in the coming year.

After becoming a household name in Karnataka, Hombale Films set their sights on the domestic market and conquered it. From giving the country seven of its biggest hits in such a short time to delivering two blockbuster films in the same year, the production house has been squeezing out the success of its contemporaries.

Feeding the entertainment appetite of the masses, Hombale Films told stories in the most extraordinary yet relevant way and changed the game in the film industry. Gone are the days when Southern stars hoped to make it big by starring in Bollywood movies. The tables have now turned and top Bollywood production houses and actors are collaborating with Hombale to create new pan-Indian multilingual films for global audiences.

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