How the street dog Boji was tricked into politics in Turkey

A popular street dog named Boji was recently accused of defecating on the seat of a train in Istanbul, Turkey. Unlike other strayers, Boji enjoys celebrity status among the townspeople. It is known for its regular trips on public transport, including buses, trams, subways, and ferries.

On Saturday, November 20, journalist Bilge Ebiri informed that Boji was accused of throwing a dump on trains. He pointed out that the dog was being trapped and the feces had been planted by a man. “Meanwhile, in Istanbul… A beloved street dog named Boji, who became a folk hero for taking public transport, has been slandered by some for pooping on trains. It turns out that Boji is framed and the video shows people planting poo, ”Ebiri tweeted.

Screenshot of Bilge Ebiri’s tweet

Framed Boji, the Truth Discovered by CCTV Camera Images

Murat Ongun, spokesman for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, pointed out that the dog had been trapped. In a video shared by Ongun on the microblogging site, a man could be seen placing “dog poop” on a train seat. The video was captured by the CCTV camera affixed to the roof of the train. “It was alleged that Boji had pooped on the tram. But the cameras showed us these incredible images, look at them, “he tweeted.

Political motives behind the bizarre act

After the truth was discovered, netizens wondered why a man would try to wrongly implicate a street dog. A Twitter user (@nonwashablegmer) asked, “People are so weird. As if you really had nothing better to do than mentor a street dog? At no point when that person put a handful of shit in his pocket would he say, “You know what, maybe I’ll just go smoke a bowl and watch cartoons instead.” “

Journalist Bilge Ebiri spoke about the political motives behind trapping a dog. “Istanbul’s mayor is a key figure in the opposition and the city has adopted Boji as a sort of ‘unofficial mascot’. Making the dog look bad and the city looking badly run would benefit the regime. “

Screenshot of Bilge Ebiri’s tweet

Boji’s Twitter account responds to ‘poo’ allegations

Boji’s official Twitter account (@boji_ist) responded to accusations of defecation on a train seat. “I was at the chalet all day today, I haven’t even visited Istanbul. You polluted the tram and blamed it on me. You are bad “, the handle tweeted.

Screenshot of the tweet by Boji’s official username

In other Tweeter, the stray dog ​​had “expressed” his embarrassment when he saw the CCTV images. Boji boasts of having a whopping 1.19 lakh of subscribers on the microblogging site.

Screenshot of the tweet by Boji’s official username

According to a CNN article, Boji drives an average of 30 kilometers per day. It goes through different metro stations and makes two ferry trips. The street dog is incredibly famous, which prompts people to take selfies with him. He was neutered and vaccinated. Istanbul city officials keep track of his movements using an electronic chip attached to his collar.

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