How to get rid of house spiders: ingenious hack using a matchbox

Up to 15% of the population is afraid of spiders. This clever Irish content creator, who usually posts delicious recipes, has detailed her incredible trick to get rid of them.

She told followers on her TikTok account @lillyhigginsfood that all you need to replicate the hack is a matchbox. She explained how to use a matchbox to trap a spider and then bring it back safely to the garden.

Lilly said: “I just saw this massive spider in the bath, so I just got a matchbox. Then just put it on the spider like that, and close the matchbox and he is in there. I can take him to the garden now and release him safe and sound.”

Lilly opens the empty matchbox, then carefully places the empty draw compartment on the spider. She then slowly closes the drawer, picking up the spider in the box.

The little creature is safely trapped there, unharmed, ready to be transported outside. TikTok users went wild for the app, and it garnered 342.5,000 views on the app and over 18,000 likes.

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Many thanked Lilly for the gentle method of getting rid of spiders without harming or killing them. One wrote: “I love it. I’m terrified of spiders but I wouldn’t kill or harm them. Good advice.”

Another said: “It’s a better way to deal with them, not to hurt them or kill them.”

“That’s good advice,” said one. “I had two identical spiders in my bathtub.”

Another simply said: ‘That’s genius’, while another wrote: ‘I love how sweet you are but the bath would be on fire and no spiders would survive.’

Speaking of an encounter with a monster spider, one wrote: “I captured one recently which I trapped under a pint glass…its legs were touching the sides. I caught it found because I heard him walking on the ground.”

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Natural ways to keep spiders away from your home


Conkers are said, according to a multitude of anecdotes, to ward off spiders. There’s no concrete scientific evidence, but many swear by this tactic to keep spiders out of the home. It is suggested that conkers may give off an odor that spiders dislike.


Spiders, like many insects, are thought to be repelled by strong smells, especially mint. So keep mint near your windows, doors, and other entry points and you’ll keep the eight-legged creatures at bay.

The vinegar

For something maybe a little strong, try spraying a solution of vinegar and water in areas of the house popular with spiders. Spiders don’t like the acid in vinegar and will naturally avoid it.

Common spiders in the UK and how to spot them

House spiders (Tegenaria spp)

You may have thought that any spider in a house was a house spider, but there is actually only one official house spider and it grows to 10cm in wingspan. These slightly fuzzy spiders have mottled brown patterns and darker legs.

Lace weavers (Amaurobius spp)

These spiders create sticky webs. They have large oval abdomens and usually have black heads.

False widowhood (Steatoda spp)

There are three common types of false widow spiders, but they all have very round abdomens and are dark in color. The common false widow is small (.5cm) and dark brown.

Another form of flase widow, the closet spider is 1cm tall and dark red/brown/black. They may have a pale line on the abdomen or pale spots. The noble false widow can be identified by her orange paws.

Common house comb (Theridion melanurum)

This small spider is easy to spot due to its striped legs and distinctive zigzag pattern on its body.

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