Hudson Valley soldiers answer prayers for local woman and dog

A woman says she prayed for help for her and her dog and those prayers were answered.

With incredibly cold temperatures in the Hudson Valley this week, it’s been brutal getting out to get the mail. Imagine being stuck in the cold with no way to get home or call for help. Well, the situation a woman found herself in as she struggled to find a way home.

Two New York State police officers responded to a call about a woman in distress. Upon arriving at the scene, Troopers Rodriguez and Curameng found the woman in “subzero” temperatures, with no food or transportation.

The woman, who didn’t have a working phone, was essentially stranded with her dog in the cold with no way to get home. Desperate for help, the woman told the police when they arrived, “I prayed for you to come.

Facebook/New York State Police

Facebook/New York State Police

Making sure you have a charged cell phone with you is always a better way to call for help, but the woman’s prayers worked.

Officers were able to comfort the woman and ensure she was brought home safely. But that’s not where the story ends. Rodriguez and Curameng took the woman grocery shopping and made sure she had enough dog food. The soldiers also got a new charger for his phone.

The woman is said to be forever grateful to the soldiers who, according to the New York State Police, went “over and above” to help a local citizen. Privates Rodriguez and Curameng operate from Wurtsboro Barracks.

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