Igloo offers a splash of color in the cold Nordic

A Mississaugi First Nation family decided to make the most of the recent lockdown to create lasting family memories.

Denelda Cada said she was watching TikTok videos when she saw someone creating blocks of ice and coloring them to create a unique igloo.

“Wanting to make memories, we started our little project,” Cada said, adding that they wanted to “make our little girl smile.” And showing his teamwork makes the dream work.

The igloo is made of blocks of ice that Cada created using disposable cake pans. They started freezing the blocks over the Christmas holidays and added food coloring to some of the trays.

Construction didn’t start until the last weekend in January, which gave the water plenty of time to form the ice blocks.

“It was a project for mom, dad and our daughter Isabella who is 7,” Cada said.

Using snow and water, they made a mush that served as cement to hold it all together. After the igloo was finished, they put a Christmas light inside after the sun went down. The light illuminated the colorful blocks of ice, showcasing the dazzling work the family put into the project.

Cada said they try to do something with their children every year to create wonderful family memories.

Another northern Ontario resident, Annette Desilets McCarthy, who lives just outside of Englehart, told CTV News it took her three weeks to build her colorful igloo.

Annette Desilets McCarthy spent 3 weeks building her colorful ice igloo just outside of Englehart, Ontario. (Provided)

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