Igloo revives an 80s icon with a modern reissue of the KoolTunes Playmate

Are you all looking forward to summer? Well, we know a lot of them are, so it’s time to get ready before everyone else. For those heading to the beach, lake, river, or anywhere else, cold drinks and some tunes are key to having a good time. Igloo brings a classic back to life with the Playmate KoolTunes.

When checking eBay, there are sellers who offer originals at varying prices. Some are in very good condition, while others have seen better days. Although collectors prefer to opt for the vintage KoolTunes Playmate, the remake is an outstanding option with some modern features.

The nostalgia it brings to the table is outstanding with the original silhouette still intact. We know there were other colorways back then, but Igloo sticks to the vibrant jade, magenta and neon yellow combo. It measures 4.57″ x 10.91″ x 13.9″ (L x W x H) and weighs around 5.26 pounds.

You have a 14-quart interior that can hold up to 26 12-ounce cans. Igloo retains the iconic design with front speakers. It also retains the swing lid mechanism that you open with a side push button. However, there are contemporary upgrades that make the new KoolTunes Playmate even better. THERMECOOL foam insulation promises superior thermal performance.

Meanwhile, Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge. The case of the current generation KoolTunes Playmate is rated IP56 against water and dust. You can find the controls and the charging port on the back. So grab a drink, pair it with your smartphone, and blast your music like an old-fashioned boombox.

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Images courtesy of Igloo

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