It’s no dog breakfast at this fancy restaurant that only serves food to canine patrons

Rahmi Massarweh’s restaurant, Dogue, serves bespoke meals for dogs. (PHOTO: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

Filet mignon cut by hand, tartare garnished with poached quail egg and heart of wild venison, here are some of the appetizing dishes on the menu of a new trendy restaurant. But this haute cuisine is not for humans.

No, the Dogue Gourmet Experience (pronounced as Vogue) is for hungry dogs only.

The dog restaurant, in San Francisco in the United States, is the brainchild of owner and chef Rahmi Massarweh. It offers a variety of upscale treats and unique French cuisine created especially for man’s best friend.

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Rahmi cooks up a storm for her canine customers using raw, organic and local ingredients. The chef has also consulted with a veterinarian to ensure his restaurant’s meal plans are appropriate for the pet’s age, weight, activity level, special needs and allergies.

“What we do usually doesn’t exist,” he says. “My approach is to treat it as if it were a human restaurant. If you come to my restaurant, the star guest is your dog.

Organic beef chuck steak with fermented carrots and beets, or green-lipped mussels with fermented carrots and wheatgrass are just a few of the dishes dog owners can choose for their pets.

Dogue also serves Parisian pastries and “dogguccinos” from $4.95 (R85.50) during the week, and on Sundays offers a three-course meal for $75 (R1,330).

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Rahmi promises fresh, seasonal, quality complete meals for pets. (PHOTO: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

Rahmi, who trained in classic French cuisine, served as a professional chef in San Francisco for nearly two decades. In 2015, he quit his job and opened a dog daycare with his dog-loving wife, Alejandra.

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He got the idea to open a dog restaurant after noticing that his dogs were picky eaters. At first, he started preparing his dog’s food from scratch, before starting to prepare weekly backpacks for daycare customers. He officially opened his restaurant last month.

The restaurant is named after the couple’s Old English Mastiff. “Dogue translates to Mastiff in French, a tribute to my roots in classic French cuisine and to our first Mastiff, Grizzly,” he explains.

mastiff, food, restaurantdog food reinvented at San Francisco dog restaurant, Dogue. (PHOTO: [email protected])”/>

It’s dog food reinvented at San Francisco dog restaurant, Dogue. (PHOTO: [email protected])

Diner Jason Villacampa couldn’t wait to treat his pet corgis to the restaurant’s offer.

“Food is a language of love, and I think it’s another way to express and share love with your dog,” he says.

But for Rahmi, the pooches’ opinions are the only ones that really matter.

“It’s rare that as a chef I walk into the dining room to touch the tables and every guest has a smile on their face.”


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