Lights go out in iconic Vancouver igloo

The iconic neon sign that attracted people from all over to nearby Vancouver’s Igloo restaurant was taken down and blown away. The new replacement sign announces that the old fun little restaurant on the corner of East Evergreen Boulevard and Grove Street is now the home of Precision Air, a heating and air conditioning contractor.

Neighbor Lorraine Martin, 88, has spent most of her life living across the street or a few blocks from the igloo. Martin called The Columbian earlier this month to alert us that the sign had come down, marking the definitive end of a friendly era.

“Everyone knew about the igloo,” Martin said. “It was the neighborhood square. They supported us and we supported them.

The Igloo restaurant opened in 1948, has had a long and complicated history of owners coming and going, and closed for the last time in 2018. Martin said she remembers the original version of this sign. neon sign, which contained the abbreviated names of the restaurant. first owners. “Ranlou Igloo,” he said, representing Randall and Louise Potter.

The Potters eventually built and moved into a tiny apartment above the restaurant where they made the best burgers and milkshakes in the world, bar none, Martin said.

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