Ludgershall Primary School introduces therapy dog

A PRIMARY school in Ludgershall has introduced a therapy dog ​​to help support its pupils.

Wellington Eagles Primary School introduced their new therapy dog, a 12 week old Cocker Spaniel named Lillibet.

The school was inspired to get a therapy dog ​​by work done at Wellington Academy, which has a therapy dog ​​called Duke on its staff.

With plenty of research showing that therapy dogs benefit education by supporting students and helping them regulate their emotions, the elementary school made the decision to get a therapy dog.

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Lillibet was introduced to the students at a special assembly held on Monday October 3rd.

Regarding Lillibet’s training as a therapy dog, manager Sarah Johnson-Motyl said: ‘We will be working closely with Amy Wood who is the founder of the charity ‘Dogs for Health’ and works with many area schools, including The Wellington Academy.

Amy Wood with Lillibet “Amy will help us introduce Lillibet to students, especially for children who may be nervous or need support around animals.”

Ms Johnson-Motyl also explained how the school chose the name Lillibet for their new four-legged friend: “She is named after our late Queen Elizabeth, and we think the name Lillibet will remind us of how much she was a fantastic role model and represented all the values ​​of our school.

“We also wanted to involve the kids in the naming process, so they chose Rose’s middle name.”

Students spend time with Lillibet In keeping with the royal theme, Lillibet Rose will have her own red briefcase which will be sent to children so they can share their work and read books by putting them in the briefcase and have some special time with the dog if they need to. a place to talk.

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Lillibet will primarily support children with special educational needs, as well as vulnerable and in-service children.

She will also visit classes and welcome students at the start of the school day.

When not on duty, Lillibet will live with Mrs Johnson-Motyl and her five children.

Dogs For Health is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 that provides animal-assisted therapy, interventions, and education.

More information about the association is available on its website.

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