Lumero unveils latest progressive house hit ‘Together’

Lumero unveils latest progressive house hit ‘Together’: listen

Back with another progressive bang house, Lumero has just unveiled his latest single titled ‘Together. ‘ Making his presence felt with every production, the Canada-based DJ / producer set out to spread hope and positivity through his high-energy and emotionally dense tracks. Destined for nothing but success, this last track will take listeners on a most unique journey, while the lyrical genius of Lumero’s creativity will only further elevate the size of this certified hit.

Having made his mark with releases such as’Genesis‘ with Trenton, ‘Make your move‘ with Jessy Wagner, and more recently ‘Hideaway’ with Alesia, this rising producer ticked all the boxes towards a successful career within the dance scene. With a unique perspective on music production and more, Lumero interweaves a narrative approach to his songwriting, as he strives to create a quaint element for each of his melodic tracks. Having mastered his craft to perfection, “Ensemble” is yet another piece that fits the puzzle of this multifaceted artist, the man himself going further into details;

“The inspiration for ‘Together’ was really to lead to the fact that everyone feels a bit lost every now and then. The chosen sounds, the written lyrics and the general mood are to create an atmosphere of positivity and high energy. I wanted a song that would really make the listener believe that they were all in this “Ensemble” thing.

Released now via Spin-up Recordings, we are more than certain that “Together” will leave a lasting impact on every listener around the world. A true gem of a song, bursting with energy from start to finish, Lumero once again blessed the world with his undeniable talent. A certified success in our books, be sure to check out “Together” on Spotify below, with the track also available to stream on all platforms. here. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Lumero (via Instagram)

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