Man died in 90 mph crash at home after accusing partner of cheating


A man died after crash his car in a house following an argument with her partner, an investigation was heard.

Lukasz Cuipak entered a sleeping village home at high speed a few days after making allegations of infidelity to his girlfriend during a blazing row.

On Monday January 18, Mr. Cuipak quarreled with his partner, accusing him of cheating before putting his hand on his throat.

The couple had moved from Poland in the United Kingdom in October 2020 before the fight takes place on Friday, January 22.

34 years old the face was scratched by his girlfriend in self defense A tribunal heard this week about the investigation into Lukasz’s death.

The aftermath of the Lukasz crash the next morning in January 2021

He lived on rue De Gray, in Hull, with his roommates, who described him as “reserved” but “clearly having mental health problems”, especially in the last days of his life.

Hull Coroner’s Court learned that days after the fight with his partner on Friday January 22, Mr Cuipak was seen on CCTV footage entering and exiting Leven, East Yorkshire, on six occasions.

At around 9 pm, residents said they heard a “loud rumble” which sounded like an “earthquake”. They didn’t hear the brakes squeal or skidding.

When locals came out to see what had happened, they saw a silver Renault Scenic car on its side against the garden wall of a house, with an unconscious man inside.

Paramedics arrived and he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Daily hull mail.

Humberside Police HQ Sean Hutchinson said Mr Cuipak was driving 90mph in a 30mph zone when he struck a residential building.

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He also confirmed that after checks on the car it was confirmed that there were no brake failures or other distractions that could have caused the crash.

Coroner Lorraine Harris said from the toxicology report it was clear that Mr. Cuipak was not under the influence of drugs or drugs when the accident occurred.

He had a small trace of amphetamine and THC in his blood, but the level was very low and would not have affected him.

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