Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope: Igloo Discovery Guide

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope has five main hub worlds that players can explore and fight their way through. Each planet has its own type of planetary coins, and these are awarded to players who go out of their way to complete side quests for Rabbid citizens. Completing each planet’s side quests will ensure that players earn all of the planet’s coins and unlock all of the merchant’s items.

On the second main planet, Pristine Peaks, players will meet a Rabbid who will ask the group to help them find four pieces of ice blocks to complete their cozy igloo. This guide will show sparks of hope players all ice block locations to complete the side quest.


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Bring blocks of ice to the igloo

Ice block 1

The first one block of ice for the Igloo Breakthrough side quest is in the circular snowy area directly behind the rabbit and his igloo. Go down the slope in front of the igloo, then turn to the left staircase leading to the Winter Palace. Instead of going up the stairs, take the path to the left.

Block of Ice 2

Head to the rightmost stairway leading up to the palace for the next block of ice. And like last time, don’t go up the stairs. Just head down the right path which leads to a breakable block. The piece of ice will be next, lying on the ground.

Ice block 3

Players will see a glowing tree near the checkpoint flag. There are also two Rabbids hanging out nearby. Go forward and shake the shiny tree to find the third piece of ice for the igloo quest.

Block of ice 4

The last piece of ice is also in a tree that must be shaken. Head south from the igloo quest location to find one of the robot merchants. Walk past to find another glowing tree in the distance. The tree is the one right in front of the big canned octopus attacking a Rabbid.

After bringing the four ice blocks back to the Rabbid, Mario + Rabbid Sparks of Hope players will receive a Planet Coin and some Star Bits as a reward.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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