Michelle Fahmy dares bold ideas at Palm Springs House

There’s the notion of what most people consider bold, and then there’s really, undeniably bold. When the time came to have a new vision for their 1963 Deepwell Estates home, TV producer and showrunner Karin Gist and TV producer Claire Brown turned to the interior designer. Michelle Fahmy from LA-based Haus of Meeshie for the right amount of authentic fearlessness.

“I can do the minimum and the neutral, but I’m attracted to customers and people who take risks,” says Fahmy. Gist and Brown “live a lifestyle that is representative of that as well.” For a couple who married last year at Borthwick Castle in Scotland, a site with historic ties to Mary, Queen of Scots, that assessment seems appropriate.

Within months of purchasing the home, the couple were ready to put their own stamp on the property and work with a collaborative-minded designer. Decorative arts painters Lisa Donohoe and Brynn Gelbard, the duo behind London studio, recommended Fahmy. “It was love at first sight,” Fahmy says of the first encounter. Everyone wanted to go big and agreed that items could be recalled if needed. “They were the perfect client for this, because they said it and they meant it.”

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