Missing Colorado dog found and rescued from 150-foot cliff

A cute little dog who was lost for about two weeks was found and rescued from a pretty frightening situation she found herself in.

Thanks to the Pikes Peak area animal law enforcement team who spotted the dog on a cliff about 150 feet high, the dog was brought to safety after about two weeks of surviving on his own in nature.

She’s like the canine version of Bear Grylls.

It seemed like it was quite a team effort to get the dog to safety as the Animal Law Enforcement team contacted a local resident who provided them with a safety harness and a rope to make sure things are going smoothly for everyone involved.

I mean, just looking at the pics of where this dog got stuck is pretty scary on its own so a round of applause for everyone involved from the Pikes Peak team. Humane Society who did their job and did it well. I want to say, yuck.

Thanks to the puppy’s microchip, they were able to identify him as “Jessie Lee” – I to like dogs with names of people, especially a funny one like that) – and that’s when they determined the dog had been missing for almost two weeks.

Authorities called the owner, who was obviously delighted to get her four-legged baby home and to safety.

Thanks again to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region for a job well done in helping this dog and his owner close and be happy just in time for the holidays.

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