My new favorite Idaho home

I love this house I just found for sale at Bellevue on Zillow, although in some of the pictures I have no idea what architectural feature (or the purpose of that feature) I’m looking at. This house looks like an unfinished basement, decorated in a steampunk style, and has some of the coolest features I have ever seen.

The Sun Valley spacecraft

You have to check these images from the house and see for yourself the architectural work of art:

The Sun Valley spaceship is beautiful

Although it looks like an unfinished basement decorated with steampunk items, this multi-million dollar house is stunning.

This Bellevue house is crazy

The Sun Valley Starship is what they call it and it is glorious. It has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a rooftop swimming pool and an incredible outdoor amphitheater. The house is a monstrous 12,550 square feet and the craziest thing is that the majority of the walls are all unfinished concrete. The the price is also pretty crazy to $ 5,950,000.

The water and plumbing pipes can be seen going through the walls and ceiling, giving the impression that the building is not yet finished. Despite the unfinished look, or because of it, the home has a charm that you won’t find in any other Idaho home.

The two upper levels of the house are starting to incorporate parquet and woodwork into the decor. While the lower level is mind blowing, it’s once you hit the upper levels that you get some crazy architecture. There is a round bar on the second level with a giant hole you can look through to see the level below you. And speaking of seeing things below you: there’s a rooftop pool so you can sit outside in the water and see everything around you.

My favorite Idaho house

Honestly, with all the quirks and uniqueness of this house, this is easily my new favorite home in Idaho. sorry manor house in Coeur d’Alene, you have moved on to my second favorite.

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