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Casa Codussi, Siena, Italy (Merrion Charles): If you are finally planning a visit to Venice after two long years of doing nothing special, you have to do it right. That means packing up your best runway looks, making only the best dinner reservations, and most importantly staying in an authentic palace that will make you feel like the last reigning Doge of Venice. Enter Casa Codussi, the palace of your travel dreams.

Let’s first take a look at one of the more impressive statistics: 36. That’s the number of windows in Casa Codussi. You won’t miss a single view or sound of the channel during this stay.

It doesn’t get more dramatic than cruising to your vacation home on a boat, disembarking at your private dock, and stepping into a newly remodeled wonderland all yours as long as you’re willing to shell out 2,636. $ per person. night.

“Palazzo San Pietro di Castello”

Courtesy of Merrion Charles

When you are based in the United States, it can be hard to imagine what it is like to live in a deep history, one that stretches back five and six centuries. But that’s not a problem at Casa Codussi where your neighbors are a 15th century bell tower and a 16th century church. Imagine what this palace has seen.

We have always dreamed of sitting on a quay in Venice, flute of bubbles in hand, and spying on all the passing celebrities who pass by in their beautiful boats and their most beautiful seams. Or at least that’s what we imagine the canals look like all the paparazzi clichés.

When people like Casanova roamed the Venetian waterways, this space was used to house boats. Today, the 1,000 square foot Cavana is the perfect room to entertain your motley travel team. Name one member to take care of the bar, another to take care of the music, and get the party started.

Recent renovations included an interior facelift courtesy of the great Venetian designer Ilaria Miani. We believe that authentic architecture and a deep sense of history are best associated with provocative contemporary art.

We found the perfect location for the optional complementary service that we consider less optional: a private wine tasting. When in Italy, and all that …

The palace has two kitchens. One is more comfortable for everyday use. The other, this one, is the professional kitchen where you can organize Italian cooking classes… or invite your hired chef to do all the work for you. (Grocery services are also available upon request.)

There is nothing that pleases us more than a bright library … except one with wooden beams and tree trunk tables that make you feel like you are in a bucolic setting while you escape to a good book.

There are six comfortable bedrooms here, but the house manages to sleep a total of 17 thanks to a few children’s bunks. This means that if you are planning your trip during one of Venice’s many famous festivals (biennial, carnival, film), your entire guest list will be fine.

All rooms have a private bathroom so you can relax in peace, whether you are getting ready to go to the city or to outside dine under the pergola in your own garden.

Only sweet dreams of all the places you will be sailing are allowed here. These dreams pair well with the boat and captain rental option that is available during your vacation stay. Get these Aperal spritzes ready for the cruise!

It is well known that Venice has a tourism problem, at least when it comes to the impact of the big cruise lines. But when you’re tucked away in this neighborhood, you can avoid the crowds and accept the plausible denial that you’re part of the hordes of visitors.

Have you seen anything more dreamy than this spa bathed in light? Located next to the gym, it’s the perfect place to soak your sore muscles before taking a relaxing stroll in your lush private garden.

What a house in Venice lacks in spacious grounds, it makes up for in terraces, at least as far as Casa Codussi is concerned. A private waterfront terrace, a first floor balcony, a loft and a wonderful roof terrace with city views are just a few of the places where you can eat, drink and enjoy the sea breeze. .

Book your stay: Casa Codussi, Siena, Italy$ 2,636 / night via Merrion Charles

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