Order! Limited Edition Tour360 22 with Waffle House

With Georgia in everyone’s mind this week, we wanted to prepare something special. So we called our friends in Georgia who know how to cook great food better than anyone: Waffle House.

Before too long, our teams were already in the design kitchen combining ingredients from the iconic restaurant with one of golf’s most iconic shoes. The end result was the TOUR360 22 x Waffle maker – truly a creation like no other.

Eating at Waffle House is an experience and we wanted to capture that in the creation of this shoe. The top of this unique TOUR360 22 is an off-white “dough-like” colorway, similar to the batter that consistently fills waffle irons at more than 1,900 Waffle House locations across the U.S. The familiar square shapes at the Inside waffles, normally the recipients of savory toppings, are depicted and embossed on the premium full-grain leather waterproof upper (one-year warranty) to give it an eye-catching design. Across our signature 3-Stripes, we’ve included a checkered waffle pattern in dark brown as a nod to the legendary baking waffles. just right. The instantly recognizable yellow Waffle House sign is also present on the heel.

“We love this time of year because more than anything else, it’s an unofficial start to the golf season for everyone,” said Masun Denison, Global Footwear Director, adidas Golf. “Waffle House is such a well-known restaurant in Georgia and across the United States that we knew it would be fun to partner with their team on a design that brings a piece of the famous restaurant to everyone, all in our silhouette. headlight.”

Beyond the upper, the shoe features special yellow insoles with adidas and Waffle House logos. We’ve also created a transparent outsole that captures that friendly – and sometimes generous – pour of maple syrup under our new SPIKEMORE traction system. We are proud to offer this limited edition in men’s and women’s sizes as well.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better marriage between our signature waffles, the adidas TOUR360 22 golf shoe, and our signature restaurants,” said Walt Ehmer, president and CEO of Waffle House. “Who knew our famous sweat cream waffles could also be so fun to wear?”

Since partnering with such a cultural icon, we couldn’t stop at shoes. The box that houses each pair is also uniquely designed to look like the go-to restaurant that offers the friendliest service in town.

Although this is a limited menu item, we will start taking orders on the TOUR360 22 x Waffle House starting this Thursday, April 7, on adidas.com, the adidas app and at select retailers in United States.

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