Petrichor’s Little House offers a traditional take on the small living room

Many of the tiny houses we cover are actually quite large and have a modern minimalist design, but the Petrichor, from French Baluchon, returns to the roots of the small living movement with a towable house that incorporates the traditional tiny house style and features with a compact body and sober interior layout that can accommodate up to two people.

Le Pétrichor (also known as “the smell of rain”) has an overall length of just 6m (20ft), which is about right for a small French house, given the country’s strict weather laws. towing, but much smaller than many models we see in North America. To put its size into perspective, the Denali XL Bunkhouse is more than twice the length, at 12.6 m (41.4 ft).

Baluchon’s little house is finished in cedar, with aluminum details, and sits on a double axle trailer. It is powered by a standard VR-style hookup. Visitors enter the house into the living room, which seems bathed in light thanks to the generous glazing, and contains a sofa built into the storage which doubles as a guest bed, in the blink of an eye.

Nearby is the kitchen. Baluchon managed to cram in a small folding dining table, as well as a sink, a small refrigerator/freezer, an oven, and a four-burner propane stove. There is also a large storage unit installed. The kitchen connects to the bathroom, which seems very compact, with just enough room for a shower and a toilet.

The interior of the Pétrichor is very comfortable but is compressed into a living room, a kitchen and a dining area


The bedroom is accessed by a staircase built into the storage and is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from this type of tiny home, with a typical loft-style bedroom that has limited headroom, with a small table and a double bed . However, there is a large storage cabinet hidden behind the bed which doubles as a bedside table. In addition, the Pétrichor contains a secondary loft space. It’s far too small to sleep an adult in and it might have made more sense to make one little larger, but could still be useful as an extra storage nook.

Le Pétrichor is located in Vendée, western France, and serves as a full-time home for its owner and pet cat. We don’t know the price for this exact model, but Baluchon houses start at €80,000 (about US$84,000).

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