Plans for Peterborough home ‘badly dilapidated’ by illegal activities will be converted into four new apartments

Plans have been submitted to convert a house on Church Walk in Peterborough into four apartments as well as to add a mezzanine skylight to the roof of the property.

Plans are for three studios and a two bedroom apartment. Each studio would have one bedroom, two being located on the ground floor and the third, with the two-bed apartment, on the second floor. Converting the loft would add additional bedroom space for one of the studios.

The rear verandah would also be demolished increasing the amenity space available and a bicycle storage facility would be added.

A planning application to convert the property into four one-bedroom apartments and two two-bedroom apartments was granted, but work has not progressed beyond a few apartments.

The application states that the property is currently unoccupied as it has become severely dilapidated and structurally damaged due to previous tenants’ involvement in illegal activities. As a result, significant work is required throughout.

The request states: “The overall proposal would make better use of housing and allow for spaces better suited to the needs of residents. Since the property has enough existing parking spaces, there is no risk of overcrowding.

“Finishes should be chosen in such a way as to ensure that the appearance of the dwelling is not compromised and that it blends in with the surrounding area.

“The proposal is consistent with the setting of the conservation area as well as the character of the existing building and would not conflict with any similar approved application.”

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