Police dog saves day after officer loses keys to Volvo’s brand new patrol car

Police Dog Amber is licking her lips in anticipation of the sticky treats to come after helping a South Wales Police Roads officer retrieve her car keys. PD Amber was spurred into action after the officer lost his keys in Merthyr – and what made it all the more frustrating was that his Volvo patrol car was brand new.

Police tweeted that the officer lost the keys “after a foot chase with a man”. However, the keys were found by sharp-nosed police dog Amber. Although Amber spared the officer’s blushes, it seems they still face a “cake fine.”

“Cake fines” are a tradition in the emergency services where co-workers insist on getting cake if their co-workers commit minor infractions of informal work-related rules or etiquette. According to the bogus Cake Fines and Offenses Act of 2018, which can be viewed online, offenses that may incur cake fines include running over an emergency service vehicle, delaying the start of a shift and causing or allowing co-workers to be late. .

Tweeting about the incident which led to the fine, the South Wales Police Dogs and Horses account wrote: “You all know the cake fines right? So to the officer @SWP_Roads who lost their brand NEW patrol car keys @SWPMerthyr after a foot chase with a male. Luckily PD Amber was nearby and helped with their recovery Ps Here is a picture of the dog cakes she would like. Weft.”

All police dogs must first become experts in basic obedience training. They must obey their handler’s commands without hesitation and this is what controls the dog’s inherent aggression and allows the officer to control the force the dog uses against a suspect. Treats are used as a reward when the dog does a good job.

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