Rescuers work to find a ‘camouflaged dog’ who has fallen from a rocky headland near Lulworth Cove

Dorset Coastguard crews have been dispatched to locate a dog after it fell off a rocky headland near Lulworth Cove. Roxy is said to have disappeared from sight of her owners and stumbled over the edge of the rocky cliff below.

Roxy, a Chinese Blue Shar Pei, was walking with her owners on Sunday June 26. Taking a cliff-top route at Dungy Head, she disappeared from view of her owners who were then unable to locate her. Wyke and Lulworth Coastguard crews were called to the scene, where they began searching for the missing dog.

Crews were called to the scene around 2:36 p.m. and quickly got to work trying to locate the missing Roxy. After a long search, the Lulworth and Wyke crews found Roxy “at the base of the cliff not far from where she had fallen, no worse for her ordeal”.

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Comment from Wyke Coastguard, “Responsible for assisting our colleagues from the Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team after a dog fell out of sight on the cliffs west of Lulworth Cove. Efforts have been made to find Roxy’s impersonations, after some time she was found, camouflaged among the rocks unharmed.”

Specialist crews picked up Roxy and brought her back to the top of the cliff, where she was reunited with her owners. Lulworth Coastguard said: “Safety advice has been issued to owners and we urge members of the public to keep their dogs on a firm leash at all times when walking the coastal paths, particularly where the road passes close to the edge of the cliff.”

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