Rochester firefighters rescue family dog ​​stuck in burning house

ROCHESTER, NY – A Rochester family picks up the pieces after a fire engulfed their Rohr Street home mid-morning Friday.

News10NBC returned to the stage and caught up with Chaniquia Akins. She was at home getting her stuff. She lives at home with her mother, Sharon Akins. Chaniquia says she was not home at the time of the fire. His mother and Milo, the family dog, were about to take a nap when the house caught fire.

“She was about to lay down and fall asleep,” Chaniquia told us.

Chaniquia says her mother’s worst fear came true when the flames tore through their family home.

“Her worst fear is being trapped in a fire, so it really shook her up, it’s terrible.”

Crews were everywhere, on the roof and inside, trying to put out the flames. Chaniquia says a fire alarm went off and her mother got away, but Milo, the family dog, was still stuck inside. Witnesses tell us that crews rushed inside through intense flames to save Milo.

We also met Juan Leon, a neighbor who dialed 911. He says he watched it all unfold from his second story window. He says he heard someone alert the fire department to check inside the house.

“He shouted and he said, ‘There’s someone over there’, they took out a cat and the dog. The dog was really scared,” Leon said.

Chaniquia says her mother is recovering and so is Milo. She said Milo was back to his normal playful energetic self. She says the fire was devastating and they lost so much, but nothing could replace Milo and his mother.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out here and made sure my mum was okay.”

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