See John Posey in ‘Full House’ before Bob Saget was cast

Bob Saget died at age 65 on January 9, 2022 and Full house fans are mourning the loss of the television father they grew up with in the 1990s. Danny Tanner was the role that helped make Saget famous, but it wasn’t always a shoo-in for the character. Before Saget was chosen as Full houseThe lead actor, actor John Posey played Danny in the unaired pilot of the sitcom. You can see how the two performances compare in the video below.

According to Screen Rant, Saget was always the top pick to play the Tanner patriarch. Full house executive producers Jeff Franklin, Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett had watched the comedian warm up to the studio audience during bosom buddies and appreciated his work. See him in Richard Pryor’s film A critical condition (1987) convinced them that he was the best actor for their new show.

At that time, CBS was eyeing Saget for its own show. They signed the comedian for The morning programleaving him unavailable to shoot the Full house pilot. The sitcom’s executive producers cast comedian John Posey as Danny’s replacement.

Posey shot the entire pilot as Danny Tanner, and while his performance wasn’t disastrous, he wasn’t asked to return. The last-minute redesign decision was the product of bad timing (or good timing, depending on your perspective). The morning show was canceled after nine months on the air, and the creators of Full house jumped at the chance to take on Bob Saget. The first episode had to be redone, and as you can see in the comparison video, the actor playing Danny is the only difference in many scenes.

The story of Full houseCasting issues may sound familiar to anyone who knows Back to the futuretroubled production. As with Saget, Michael J. Fox was the original choice to play Marty McFly, but he was too busy shooting Family ties to connect you. Eric Stoltz was cast instead, only to be fired after Fox made room in his schedule for both projects. But while it’s unusual to let an actor go after a month of filming a movie as was the case with Stoltz, recasting characters after the pilot is fairly common. Here are more famous TV roles originally played by someone else.

[h/t Screen Rant]

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